Monday, November 06, 2006

WHAT'S IN THE BASKET? Why Otis of course. What cat or almost cat (not quite kitten not quite full grown at 6 months) can resist a nice basket full of knitting? Not any cat that I've ever known. Speaking of knitting I have just finished the second of a pair of Irish Hiking wristwarmers and that's it. Done. Nice pattern but really. I couldn't knit one more so now for something completely different. Or maybe a trip back in time to something not quite finished. It could happen.

I did the last half while editing Episode 3 of my podcast, TrueYarns. I really hadn't meant to let a month go by without doing another one but time just slipped by. I'm attempting to post it even as I blog. I finally had the good sense gently knocked into me by my friend Sharon to list it with iTunes where it is finally getting listened to by more than my immediate circle of friends. Go back an entry or two on her blog and see the nice photos she took of me. There is a lovely one of Omar sitting on my lap. He's such a cutie.) Sunday I drove out to Auburn which is about 30 minutes away and met up with Sharon and her husband Jaya. They have bought a wonderful house. They are unsure that they want to do a huge commute down to the bay area where they both work or rent the house for now. The thought of a long commute in glorious California traffic (which includes driving past our state capitol, Sacramento) sounds pretty sucky to me. On the other hand having her live nearby sounds divine.


At 2:12 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

It sounds divine to me, too!

We'll keep you posted.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Elinoire said...

I can't get over what a cutie Otis is. I shared your kitten bomb picture with several people. :-)


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