Thursday, November 09, 2006

SOME KNITTING CONTENT There isn't much - instead of knitting I've been sewing pants to wear at my four day event but tucked into the massive amounts of odds and ends - fabric, scissors, patterns, backing material, ribbon, self healing cutting board, measuring tapes, and rulers that I need for my classes I tucked in a ziplock baggie with the Nancy Bush Victorian heelless socks I've been working on. I'm also bring some size 6/7/8 needles to make a swatch with. My friend Suzy has asked if I would make her a vest or sweater with some yarn that she has. We've gone around about various patterns and I think we have a pattern but the final decision has yet to be made. I'll have time to knit when we do our field trip to SF on Tuesday. I like San Francisco, I really do. I go there a lot. So you'll understand why a NIGHT OWL like myself is less than thrilled to be getting on a bus (and it is supposed to rain) at 7 frigging AM! I.Will.Die. I may try Red Bull for the first time just to survive.
Yesterday the mail brought me some megacool wine labels made up by my friend Sharon. Every year I take the extra plums from our trees and make a dessert wine. For the last two years Sharon has produced incredible labels.
I was enjoying the shadows this morning as I took Omar for his walk.

I even took one of myself. Self Portrait in Shadow.
Our house continues to be prepped for painting. The painters mugged for me. I felt queasy just watching them up so high on their ladders. I don't like heights much.


At 1:27 PM, Blogger Elinoire said...

Ack! I am never going to play around at the top of a ladder like that. Toooooo scary.

Does Otis act smug now that a wine has been named after him?

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

Otis has always been smug. He knows he's the ONLY dog.


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