Thursday, November 16, 2006

FUN.FUN.FUN. The 4 Women of Design sewing extravaganza was a lot of fun. I learned how to do great mitered corners. This takes your project from the dreaded "homemade" look to being elegant and professional. I learned how to do sewing collage which was way cool and I learned how to take a pattern and get vastly different looking garments. There was so much that I just didn't have time to take all the classes. My brain is so full of creative ideas.
There were guest artists who showed their amazing wearable art along with the trunk show where the instructors showed their patterns and what the clothes looked like made up. This was a perfect time for knitting. I spotted one knitter who told me she had just learned last week. She was knitting a bag to felt.
There was a handful of younger sewers. I never did find out what she was knitting but it looked like a scarf. I did two swatches from the yarn that my friend Suzy brought and worked on my Nancy Bush heelless sleeping sock. I had brought the ziplock baggie it lives in. In it was 3 size 2 dpn's and 1 size 3 which made things a bit difficult. I may have to frog. I was trying so hard not to take too much and it backfired on me. Lesson learned. You can never have enough stash and WIPs on a trip.
Tuesday we got on the tour bus at the ungodly hour of 7 am and drove down to the bay area. Many, many wonderful fabric stores. I thought it was somewhat humorous that I fell in love with a fabric that was of wool/silk and knitted. The price made my credit card ache for days. I bought that at Satin Moon - 32 Clement Street, San Francisco. Tel. 415.668.1623. (No web page.) They have a very good selection of some unique and unusual fabrics. I do like to sew but I think I like to knit more at this point in my life. What can I say? They are both pretty darn GOOD. At our last stop which was Stonemountain and Daughter I was delighted to see that there is now a small knitting section. Mostly novelty yarns but still. It wasn't there the last time I visited.

There were several gift drawings and my mojo stayed true. I won a book on mitering by Linda Lee and one of her patterns. Best of all: I got to spend 4 days with my dear friend Suzy. (Blogger will not let me load her photo.) She won one of the high end Rowenta's. She let out such a whoop!


At 9:19 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Rosie and I shall shortly tackle the dozen dress shirts which are stacked up, the result of doing 8 loads of laundry on my return. Rosie is the prize-winning Rowenta. Gee, now I not only name my sewing machines, but an iron too.

It was a glorious trip. While I once again have no time to sew, I get comfort from petting the wonderful fabrics that came home from Satin Moon, Stonemountain and the Ribbonnerie.


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