Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My Secret Pal, Bluey-Bluey, sent me a wonderful package all the way from Singapore. It showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Two skeins of the most amazingly colored fuchsia yarn. I've already done a swatch with it and am dreaming of what would be the perfect project. I love bright colors. Along with the wool there is a skein of the finest cotton I've even seen in a lovely blue. I'm a little intimidated by working with something so delicate. Can something lacy be in my knitting future? Anyone have any experience and/or suggestions?There was some nice candy (the chocolate was history within about 15 minutes), the cutest little Christmas stocking, some scented sachets, my very first Christmas card (can it really be coming up so soon!?!) and the most beautifully embroidered band with my name on it! Being a person who adores getting and opening presents I had a great time unwrapping all the individual things. Hubby was so intrigued by my receiving something from so far away that he stood and watched me open it. Thank you so much SP friend!
The other good news is that the house is done. Done as in the painters have done their part, the house was unwrapped late in the afternoon (whew) and I can now look at the view out the window again. It was very odd living in a house where you couldn't see out the windows. They did a fantastic job and even bussed their trash.
I'm seeing more moths than I like (1 = too many) so maybe the cedar blocks aren't working well enough. Out with the lavender scented mothballs. I don't seem to smell a lot of lavender but my eyes are watering. Does that mean they're working?


At 9:45 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

House looks nice! And your SP is cool. :-) Yay, secret pals.

At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad that u love the gifts :)


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