Monday, December 11, 2006

REMAINS OF THE DAY Along with attempting to put a zipper into a knitted dog sweater I've been making a custom pattern for a fleece coat for Omar. I made a few last winter but wasn't that happy with them. I measured, I fitted, I adjusted till I was happy then I cut the pattern out of heavy paper. Thankfully I cut the muslin out before a certain red headed cat ate the pattern. He's been on a tear - literally. Magazines, book edges, knitting (when he can get it), pointy sticks. He even chewed the top of my Renu eyedrop bottle. Yesterday I found him up on the kitchen counter shredding the paper towels. He's even learned how to open the cupboard in the bathroom and shred the extra rolls of tp. A devil most beloved but I hope he gets over this stage soon.
Omar was feeling cold this morning so he went back to bed. This is how I found him. All together now.... Ahhhhhhhh. Work it Omar, work it.
Both mitts are finished and all ends woven in. Now to pop them in an envelope and mail to my friend Lynda.
Sat. it was pouring with rain. Instead of going for a hike (good call) my friend Sharon, who has just bought a house in Auburn with her husband said, how about if you come out for lunch and we'll go to the local yarn store? When I arrived the new home owners were busy working on their house. That's Jaya on the left. Notice the hand knit slippers. Sharon's mother made them. Too cool. The yarn store was lovely. I forgot my camera so no photos. The shop is called Auburn Needleworks and was quite lovely. At first I was a little surprised at how much Cascade yarn they carried. I learned that felting is HUGE in Auburn. I fondled my first bamboo yarn and again gave a thought of working with linen yarn. I fell in love with the silk ribbon yarn. At around a dollar an ounce I had to give it a pass.

On my way home trundling down Hwy 49 I heard an ominous clunck then a whacka, whacka, whacka. Then my car overheated and the power steering died. I was fortunate to be very close to a shopping center where I was able to limp into spewing steam and call AAA. They were nice, they were fast, and all in all it took only an extra hour of my time. Time which I spent knitting. Hubby was off in Nevada riding his dual sport bike through rain and snow (it's a male thing). I had Big Red towed home where a look under the hood showed two belts to be missing. We're waiting right now for the tow truck to come back and take BR down to the repair shop. I miss her already.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Wel, POO about Big Red -- I hope he's up and runnin' soon. But the rib-&-cable mitts look *great*!

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That picture of tucked-in Omar is so cute I can hardly stand it. I love when animals peek out of things. :-)


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