Thursday, December 28, 2006

It is a good thing that Kate and I don't live together. First off: we would never get out of our jammies. Okay, maybe Kate would have to when she goes to work. Me? I'm retired. Second, we would get very, very fat. Third, we'd live on the couch eating, crocheting and knitting while watching movies. There was something bad back there I was going to make a point about but I've run out of cookies...
We did actually get off the couch now and again (and not just to make more cookies). We walked Omar. He helped Kate crochet. She couldn't do it without him, really. We went to Fibers in Grass Valley where with amazing luck Kate found the four skeins of Classic Elite Alpaca she needed to make a hat to match the Irish Hiking Scarf and fingerless mitts that I made her a while back.
I finished the Mary Janes for my friend Kimberly using some of my mother's acrylic stash. The photo below only shows a fraction of the stash. I don't really like working with acrylic but it does have it uses. The pattern is very easy despite not being entirely clear at times. It's not hard to deduce what needs to be done with a minimum of frogging.
I've pulled out my Manos del Uruguay sweater jacket and have been finishing up the last of the right front. I think the buttonholes are a bit lame - just holes with no band to support them. When Kate came to visit I put it aside and cast on The Somewhat Cowl from Knit and Tonic using some magnificent Sundara yarn in the colorway "Envy". It's a DK silky merino that is so soft, so delightfully tactile. Sundara said to be sure to wash your swatch since the yarn tends to expand and it did. I think I did seven swatches before I was happy (ish) and hit gauge. I'm using size 3's instead of the size 5 the pattern called for. I am also just a little short on yardage so I'll have to hope things works out. The pattern is well written and except for totally not processing the At.The Same.Time. instruction and having to frog back a couple of inches all seems to be going well.

I don't usually buy yarn over the internet but I've taken a chance on some Elsebeth Lavold wool/silk in a lovely red that I am hoping will be perfect for my Red Sweater KAL project.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

That's a serious pile o'swatches! But I bet you'll love the result — what lovely yarn.

Sounds like you guys had much fun :) :) :)


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