Monday, January 01, 2007

SEDUCED I recently started buying books from the Viking series by Elsebeth Lavold. I am particularly taken with this jacket but I am easily seduced by colors and how the item is photographed. (I talk about this in Episode 6 of my podcast, True Yarns.) What I would like to see is a feature much like what LL Bean has - that when you look at clothes you can select all the different colors it comes in. No pretty models in nice scenery - just the bare facts. The pattern is show in another version made up in blue with a model a little closer to EE in realtime and I like it a lot less. Hmmmm.

The DOG went over to my knitting basket yesterday and snagged a brand new pair of circular needles. He dented the plastic just where it meets the needle. I slid some of my knitting over it and it snags just enough to annoy the heck out of me. Doesn't this look say it all? A combination of: Me? and Please Don't Beat Me (again).

We went out Sat. to visit with our friends who have just moved to Auburn. Before we went over we checked out a newly opened park just outside of the city called Hidden Falls. It's still a bit raw with only 7 miles of trail but very pretty. When we came to a fork in the trail I picked right and we rapidly ran out of finished trail. It's a gift that I have. Always go left if I say right. We did finally work our way through the underbrush to the hidden falls.

After we came back to the car it was time to de-tick the pooch which is always fun. You stop being squeamish after you've lived in the country a while.


At 8:19 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

There's always something suspicious up when they show the model in an odd pose like that. I'm guessing the sweater doesn't really have enough shaping in it to look good, and that it might hang like a sack. But it still looks appealing! Argh.

Phooeey about the circular. Dratted pup. Oh well, we love our destructive little beasties!

That last photo is spectacular!


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