Monday, January 08, 2007

MY DAY The hubby suggested that today would be a great day to go out and ride our dual sport bikes. Like a lot of other places northern CA is experiencing rather warmer than usual weather for the time of year. Hubby checked the bikes and loaded things up the night before. (I knit on the somewhat cowl sweater.)
As our starting point he chose to take me to a place called Oregon Creek up off of Hwy 49 which has a lovely covered bridge complete with a rushing stream underneath and just a touch of graffiti inside. I knit on the drive up.
After unloading our bikes it was discovered that one of them would not work. No spark. A toolkit was brought out and various things checked and fussed over. Hubby is a very prepared guy. Just one of the many things I love about him.
After wandering around taking photos and checking out the immensely chilly bathroom at the little campground I stood in front of my pickup truck and knitted. There's a lot of heat coming off a radiator. My helmet made a perfect place to hold the yarn.
Whatever the problem was it became apparent that it wasn't going to get reparied quickly. It was decided that I would follow behind hubby in my truck and he would ride the one working motorcycle. The hubs were locked and into 4 wheel drive I went (and I needed it from time to time. Lots of mud on narrow trails along with a great many deep ruts). Normally the roads would be covered in snow but other than ice in the most shady of spots it was a snow free experience till we reached the town of Forest City. Winter population of: 3. FC is an old gold mining town that has gone through several boom and bust cycles. It's in a "bust" at the moment though there is still lots of gold I imagine. It's just so expensive to mine these days. You can't read the sign over the door in the above photo but it reads "Forest City Dance Hall". We were told the town comes alive in the spring and summer and the houses are inhabited by the summer folk. The population probably swells to 20 or more. I knit on the way home. I'm at the point where it seems this sweater will never be done.

Elinor (a good blogger who you should nag to blog more often) commented recently that she likes to check out my weather pixie to see "real weather". Those SoCal girls. Like, really. I personally go to Zeneedle to see real weather at least weather in Colorado. After we arrived home from our trip and I logged on my weather pixie showed Grass Valley to be 102F which was perhaps off just a little.

I've tried several times to switch to the new blogspot but am told I cannot. It is most annoying and means I cannot post to one of my KALs. I'm thinking about combining things to my trueyarns podcast site and just simplify life. I also want to apologize to anyone who tagged me last month. I received several emails with the word "tagged" and figured them to be spam. What can I say? If it feels spamish I delete. Feel free to resend and I'll tell you all you want to know (maybe).


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