Monday, January 22, 2007

FO'sI've yet to customize my webpage to show my FO's and the always fun (and more numerous) UFO's. Now with waiting for permission to switch to blogspot's new version I'm just hanging around hoping for the best. I realized though that with my friend John's visit I had two FO's that could be photographed and shown to the world. The red one was done a couple of years ago and helps keep John warm whenever Boston decided to actually have a winter. The dark blue/purple one that my dear hubby is sporting was done last year on our annual trip to Phoenix in Feb. I get a lot of knitting done while we whiz past scenic byways. Both were done with one skein each of a Mountain Colors mohair/nylon blend. I don't remember the needle size. The pattern was written on a scarf tag at Meadow Farm. It was supposed to produce an accordion like pleating which I never could achieve.While John was here we did two lovely hikes. One was around six miles and the other was a little under five. Omar had a good time hanging out with the guys up front while I continued with my somewhat cowl sweater which is so darn near to being completed that I might be able to wear in to town on Wed. Even though the cowl seemed to go on and on forever this is the fastest I've ever completed an entire sweater - I cast on just a day or two after Christmas. (Okay, it has short sleeves and is knit as a piece so no sewing up but still.) And.It.Fits. I'm ready to make the difficult decision of what to cast on next. I do have the second rib and cable mitt but I'm thinking in addition to and larger - another sweater? Red sweater for the KAL I currently cannot post to or "Claude" in the Debbi Bliss cotton angora? Or? Or? Decisions, decisions. I actually have a lace project that I'm giving serious thought to. I have sworn that lace is not for me but this is something special which I'll blog about another time.
Omar wearing his stylish acrylic $5 at the pet store coat. He's hanging out with the Big Boys as we bounce along on a rocky dirt road. It was very cold in the shady spots with the river rocks still coated with ice.One of the stunning views of the Yuba River down below as we hiked along. You can see the copper which colors the river. It stains my bathtub blue.


At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely scarves, esp. your husband's. I think they are probably more comfortable flatter than with true accordian pleating!

Omar looks so stylin' in his pet store coat. But think how he'd look if he were wearing a FUN FUR coat. It almost makes ya want to knit with fun fur. Almost.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Earin Marybird said...

No. I.Do.Not.Want.To.Knit.With.Fun.Fur. Nononononononono. (Though I do have some felted knitting I think will do nicely as the inside of a rain coat for Omar.) Just contemplating a lace project has given me a case of the jitters!


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