Wednesday, March 07, 2007

CATS AND KNITTING DON'T MIXOr dogs either. I think Omar was under this pile. I know that various times all four animals just had to be in my lap. After a while though it was coolest to hang out with the Captain as he piloted us down the Highway of Life.

I thought I was being clever by picking a simple pattern to knit. First off, it is/was amazingly like the somewhat cowl which I had spent five weeks knitting. I was bored. Beyond bored. Then a combination of jolting RV, cat and dog moshing, poor light and who knows what else I ended up knitting and frogging, knitting and frogging till at one point I realized that I had actually knitted four of the seven skeins needed for the blasted thing and I still had only about 8 inches completed. We be grumpy. Tonight is Knit Night but I have already spent most of the day out of the house and I plan to spend the rest of the evening catching up on TV. Just what has Starbuck been up to? Will Jack Bauer continue to save the world (I hope so - we're screwed without him). Tomorrow I will continue to tackle the huge pile of dirty laundry generated by 13 days in a RV. I'll do some thinking about what I'm knitting and what I want/need to work on. I have Claude to finish up. I like Claude. Claude is NOT boring.We started out in snow. We had cold but beautiful weather at Capitol Reef in Utah. The air is very clear there.There was "rock lace". Is this cool or what?High winds started up at Gooseneck. At Natural Bridges I learned the difference between a natural bridge and an arch.

The winds continued as we passed Monument Valley. The RV is very hard to manage in high winds. My sweetie worked hard to keep us safe.

It was absolutely delightful at Goblin. I'm still not sure what it is. A state park? I could google but the couch keeps calling my name. It has missed my Bee Hinde and the draping of yarn across its leather cushions. (I couldn't stand it - I looked it up - Goblin Valley State Park.) Part of the movie, Galaxy Quest was filmed there. You are allowed to climb around and do pretty much anything. The goblins are constantly being eroded by rain.

And another shot of Omar (this time right side up) walking along a dirt path in just a lovely little campground in Arizona. After a somewhat rocky start to our trip things were just a delight. We live in such a beautiful country, so varied, so full of amazing sights. I'm feeling a little sad because I miss my friend Suzy. Our visits are never long enough.
Actual knitting content. Shots of new yarn. My new sock yarn from Sundara. Yum.
Plus! Photos of daffodils blooming. Fruit trees in blossom. Spring is near.


At 6:52 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Great pictures! I love the one of you in the pile of pets :-)


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