Friday, March 02, 2007

(and Eye Candy Friday) We left northern California in a snowstorm last Thursday creeping along at 20 mph over the mountains to Reno. I waved cheerfully at the fellows who thought that faster was better but ended up enjoying the snowdrift in the center divide. Bye fellas!We've been to Capitol Reef in Utah and a whole lot of other beautiful places - Natural Bridges, Goblin (state park?), Gooseneck, where we had a windstorm so fierce it was almost whiteout conditions, Monument Valley (you could barely see the monuments for all of the dust whipping around). I have photos but can't quite get to most of them at the moment. I picked a very simple and easy sweater to knit on the way over to Phoenix. Face it, you don't do a great job knitting 1) in bad light 2) with two cats and one dog piled on top of you as you go bumping over rough road. I frogged three times till things looked pretty good them when I tried it on (it's a top down pattern) I had to admit that the fit was less than ideal. Start again. Today my friend Suzy located and drove me to a teeny tiny yarn store in Glendale, AZ (we're now in Phoenix) and I bought a smaller size of circular needles and somehow 15 skeins of Reynolds Gypsy 100% cotton yarn ended up in my bag. I was a little surprised that they didn't take credit cards. Never slow a knitter down when she's in a buying mood. Arizona turns out to be a wonderful place to find a good selection of cotton.

It's a beautiful time to be in the desert. All is glorious, fresh and clean. The birds are all out looking for mates and singing their songs. The hillsides are green and the cacti are about to burst into bloom. There is a plethora of tiny rabbits that give Omar much delight as he goes running after them. We've heard that at home it continues to rain and even some snow along with the power being out for 26 hours. Here it is in the mid 60 to low 70'sF.

I also visited a wonderful fabric store today (more fabric for cute summer pants) and a new thing that I couldn't resist: miniature punchneedle embroidery. We also went to a bead museum and saw a show called "Trajectories" which was contemporary art glass beads. Just amazing stuff. Each and every one a work of art. Face it, there are too many great crafts and it's impossible to do them all.

I have no editing software to turn this photo right side up. Just lean you head to the right please.
A lovely little state park in Arizona with a small lake used for irrigation. Lots and lots of birds. We woke up to see huge fluffy birds that turned out to be desert quail keeping warm in the icy morning.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Lisa L said...

Great pictures Earin! Who cares about a little head turning! The scenery looks beautiful - I'm really just about ready for spring to spring ;-)


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