Thursday, April 05, 2007

LET'S KNIT AGAIN LIKE WE DID LAST SUMMER What ever happen to Chubby Checker? I guess you have to be of a certain age to remember him. I was just a tyke when my sister and I twisted our way up and down the hallway of our house in Madrid, Spain. Great for building up a static charge and nailing one of your brothers. Ah, fun times.

The checkerboard shell is growing. I'm on skein No. 2 and no longer need the instructions. When I hit eleven inches it will time for shaping the armholes. I measured and remeasured the width and I am off by an inch. It's too small. Rather than go back I decided that I could lose an inch. I may be crazy but it's good motivation.
Meanwhile, Claude glowers at me everywhere I go. I am so close to being finished but being unable to stick with just one project I haven't yet circled back to dear Claude. Every time I look at him I just have to go make myself a pot of tea. Go figure. I'll come back Claude, honest.
I made a trip to Staples yesterday (boy do they have good customer service) where I bought something to help with my "I don't need reading glasses" but I can't really see as well as I would like problem. I wanted a model that sat on the table top but this was pretty much the only deal in town. I think hubby could be persuaded to make me a sturdy base. I happen to know he's hooked on my brown sugar cookies.

I also spent some time looking at possible containers to hold my disorganized needle collection. I think I may have come up with something. This little plastic do-hickie has four compartments and is designed to be mounted on the wall. I have walls. I like that the needles can be seen at a glance and the length isn't a problem. In fact, the only problem I'm having is those blasted stickers which are stuck down inside and don't peel off whole. I swear this sort of thing is intentional.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Claude said...

Feh! You spend all your time knitting way on that Hot Pink Tart, whose stitches are much, much more difficult that mine. I just know I'm going to be relegated to orbit with the rest of the UnFinished Objects.

Tis a sad, sad day, for this nearly complete beauty. I wail. I glower. She ignores me.

At 10:12 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

{laughing at "Claude"}

I wouldn't worry about the checkerboard shell. It's cotton, isn't it? At least partly? Cotton likes to grow in width and shrink in length...


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