Friday, March 30, 2007


I did a swatch in some lovely Gem cashmere that my secret pal, bluey sent to me a while back. It's lovely, springy and amazingly soft. I adore the lilac color with flecks of blue. She kindly offered to buy up more for me (I can't find it on the web) but I think I can combine it with something else. Having her buy yarn in Singapore then mail it to me with all the hassle with customs seems like a lot of effort. One of the cats had been trying to have a deep conversation with a baby skink and I thought he looked like a good color combination (the skink that is, cats go with everything).

Claude still waits. I have company this weekend so I put him aside for no reason at all other than I've been wanting to cast on CookieA's herringbone sock pattern from It's my first try with two color knitting and it's going pretty well. I have no clue as to how the yarns are supposed to be held, I just do it my way. It's written to use two circular needles which I gave the old college try using and failed. It seems like a lot of effort where dpn's work just fine. All the dangling of the circulars keep enticing the cats to bat, chew and otherwise attempt to capture. This did not make for fast, easy or accurate knitting on my part. The colors are not all that accurate. The orange is actually a lovely slightly variegated red gold. Both yarns are Koigu. I'm even hitting gauge at 8 stitches per inch on size 2's.

Spring continues to unfold. It's warming up (again) during the daytime but still very cool at night (high 30's). This is a hanging basket waiting to go out. The fern loves the greenhouse. The blue/purple flowers (which are not part of the basket - I just put it there for artistic balance) are a plant called "lithodora" which sounds like one of those amazing new meds advertised on TV that are sure to solve whatever problem you think you have but later are shown to have some intriguing side effects.

We continue to have frogs, frog calls at night (and during the day), frog spawn in the pool and now, tadpoles!

The evening light looking east from my living room.


At 9:28 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

That definitely all counts as eye candy Friday fodder! The skink is megacool.


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