Friday, April 13, 2007


There isn't a lot of knitting to be shown other than the front of the Hot Pink Tart and that looks pretty much like the back. It's continuing to knit up fast and I'm enjoying it.

Spring is very much here with the dogwoods of Grass Valley showing their magnificent blooms ranging from pure white to deep pink.

The ones I see along the NID canals are native and are always white.

This afternoon the hubby and I cruelly left Omar at home and took our bikes up to one of my favorite canals, the Red Dog, where the dogwoods were in glorious display. You get to ride your bike along running water with trees, ferns, native bleeding heart and lots of other green things. A couple of times you need to cross over and you do it this way: bike on shoulder, walking along a narrow path that thankfully has a railing. You can also go down the embankment and back up again but I think the bike on shoulder route is easier and safer.

At any minute my friend Sharon will be arriving and we shall knit up a storm and talk into a microphone about knitting and other related subjects. Hopefully, this will be the basis of my next podcast for Trueyarns coming soon if all goes well.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

I had a lovely visit. And such fun podcasting! Anytime you want to do that again, give me a call.


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