Monday, April 30, 2007

NOTE TO SELF1. Gauge swatches are good. Washing your swatch is even better. The hot pink tart went from 6 stitches an inch to 4 after washing. I don't think I really needed the side panels though I am still very pleased with how they worked out. The cashsoft is so light and well, soft. I think the HPT feels larger than it actually is because it just floats.2. Put that post it note about doing some upper body work so you have really toned upper arms somewhere you can actually see it.

3. Make notes on the pattern about adjusting the placement of the armholes so there isn't any bra gap the next time you use this pattern.

I've already cast on with the same yarn but in a different colorway for a version of the HPT. I found something similar in one of my Lavold books but it has a lovely leaf pattern done in lace up the front. I think I may have found my first lace project.I am also pleased with how the crocheted edging turned out.

Claude watched the washing and blocking "just to be sure". He's next in the queue. (Ignore that remark about having already cast on something else.)

After Claude finished his tea Opie came along and helped hold the HPT down. Opie is always so helpful.
While all of this was going on I defrosted some of the grapefruit juice I had leftover from all of the grapefruit my friend Suzy gave me while I was in Phoenix. I added some blood orange juice, a whole lot of sugar, some rose petal water and a few other secret ingredients and soon I shall have gelato.


At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Hot Pink Tart said...

Aaahhhhhh! I'm blooming! She's dunked me in water! I was sooo well behaved. Ahh! Aahhh! And I didn't even get swimming lessons!

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Claude said...

She bribes me with a cup of tea and a furry friend. Opie and I are buddies, but maybe it's better to be an Unfinished Object. I won't have to go swimming!.

And don't forget that part about the new, fresh faced 'cast on' in this household. Meanwhile, Manos still hibernates. I watch. and Wait. and Wait. and Wait. Patience, thy name is Claude.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

{laughing at previous comments}

I love "cat helping with blocking" pics. They are so generous with their time and attention that way, aren't they?

The hot pink tart looks great on you! Great color for you and what a cute summer top. Comfy too. Enjoy! that was worth the hard work.

Cotton always grows in width and shrinks in length. I know this, I know this and yet I still never properly wash my swatches. I hand-wash them, when I KNOW I'm going to machine-wash the resulting knit. Silly me.

Wow, the gelato sounds absolutely amazing (but I love grapefruit and blood oranges)...


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