Thursday, May 10, 2007

MISSING YOU The house continues to miss hubby. I came home yesterday to find that the main pole in my closet had broken. I find myself wondering what will break next. Hubby is having a wonderful time. He says that he 'thinks of me as he rides his motorcycle". I find that incredibly romantic. We are all missing him though having the whole bed to myself is rather nice. Not that I get much of it with all the animals snuggled up so close that turning over is an exercise in negotiation.

Almost beating the heat Omar and I headed down to Bridgeport and the Pt. Defiance loop trail for our daily walk. Bridgeport is known for having the world's longest covered bridge. I have no idea if this is true but it's pretty long. Most people take the part of the trail that runs along the South Yuba river and into Lake Englebright.

I like to go up the steep side which is a series of switchbacks that take you up rapidly to a lovely meadow. As you can see there is still some green grass and wildflowers. They'll be gone in a week or so. We saw not a soul. The yellow flowers are called "Pretty Face".

I knitted the last few inches of my herringbone sock the "right" way holding a color in each hand. Obviously, my gauge is a lot looser and I think I may have to frog back and do it holding both strands in my right hand. This is most annoying.

EYE CANDY FRIDAY (just a little early)

Gazania. They come in a lovely variety of colors.

Dear old Mrs Bradshaw, a geum.

Mint and dianthus.

A rose cropped or photographed whole will still smell as sweet.

It is being a very good year for peonies.

A hardy geranium.


At 2:28 AM, Blogger bluey said...

It is really romantic. Absence makes one heart fonder ;)

Your socks are nice. Frogging are part of knitting and that make knitting interesting but it can be frustrated at times. :)

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

I had a closet like that once. The clothes got so heavy, the support bar just bent under the weight. It inspired me to clean out my closet!


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