Wednesday, May 16, 2007

(Not!) I have been holding off blogging because I wanted to present Claude in all his glory. I am so near yet.... I am not an experience sewer-upper of things so I am taking my time. While not entirely happy with my shoulder seams they will do. The neckband however is supposed to sewn on "slightly stretched or it will not lie flat". We are not lying flat. No, we are all wiggly so back we go - again. I spent a lot of time practicing buttonholes until I found a technique that I rather like.
I have buttons and a very small amount of yarn left. There is only the sewing up to do so I'm near the finish line. I thought I was in trouble when I ran out of yarn about a third of the way through the neckband but I dug out the swatch and frogged that. Whew.

I bit the bullet and frogged my herringbone sock back. Eventually I'll get the two handed technique to work but for now consistent gauge is what I need.
Tonight is something special. I'm having dinner with my friend Sharon and going to her new knit group in Rocklin, Chicks with Sticks. It's really too far for me to go on a regular basis but I'm looking forward to it. Sharon has spoken highly of it.
Hopefully, hubby will be home by Friday. We are eager. He has been missed


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