Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I am in a grumpy mood. We have company coming this weekend and I don't feel like having company. It's been bothering me all day. I understand that this is a good time for them and blah, blah, blah. I don't feel like having company. Normally, I'm the Hostess With The Most-est. What I want to be doing right now is to be wrapping up Claude (so close, yet so far) and getting a few things finished in the garden before the summer heat kicks in. After many attempts with sewing on the neckband I am finally satisfied. The "slightly stretching" that the pattern calls for resulted in four extra inches but it was easy to frog back and re cast off. Except for that teeny bit in the back it looks pretty good. I think my seaming skills have taken a step up with all this practice.

I continue to explore the world of lace knitting. So far, so-so. I've "cracked the code" up through row 8. The inverted "V" has me in a tizzy. I think I've worked out the first one but the one that is followed by a YO has me stumped. Over sushi my friend Sabrina and I traded the sample back and forth. Alas by the time we reached the dreaded row 9 we had to get back to real life. Oh, and a really honest look at the herringbone sock shows that I got off pattern a few inches back. Oh, the pain of being a perfectionist. I really want my first two color project to be right. Ribbit!
Today is hubby's birthday. Hurry for Hubby! As per his request I have made him an angel food cake. Yes, it leans a little - get over it. Nor is it a HIGH cake but it is delicious and the chocolate ganache flavored with dark rum is very tasty. Add a few strawberries, some bubbly beverage and you've got a reasonable birthday dessert.

Omar does not understand why a small dog can't have a bit of cake. Chocolate is not for doggies. No way. No how. He'll get a nice beef bone instead.

Hands down, it goes to Mason-Dixon.
"If a handknit falls in the forest, and nobody photographs it, did it have correct row gauge? "


At 7:51 AM, Blogger Lisa L said...

I'm going to be laughing about the Mason Dixon post all day!

At 9:33 AM, Anonymous Mia said...

Why do dogs love chocolate, the forbidden food? I had a cockapoo eat a whole pound of chocolate at a sitting once and all she got was a smug look on her face which lasted for days.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Elinoire said...

When I was a nanny in Switzerland I saw the father of the kids I cared for give chocolate to the family's dogs (a Collie and a Golden Retriever) *every* *day*. It wasn't a lot of chocolate -- maybe one or two squares -- but it was consistent. I don't know if it was because it was Swiss chocolate, the small daily dose upped their immunity, or otherwise healthy living or what, but those dogs were perfectly fine.

That being said, I think you were wise to give Omar a bone instead. :-) Besides being better for him, this system means the humans get more cake!


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