Friday, May 25, 2007

AND FOR THE WEEKEND... Mz. Grumpy hasn't had time to work out the inverted "V" in her pursuit of knitting lace or get her seaming skills "just right". So, what could I knit over the weekend that would be fun yet take little brainpower? I settled on a design from Grumperina that I found at NonaKnits. She calls it "Tivoil" but in Magknits it's called "Picovoli". I've bought the suggested yarn, Debbie Bliss Cathay and I am liking it a lot. It has a nice sheen and is very soft. The mail also brought me one skein of laceweight yarn from Sundara. My yarn diet has been pretty successful but going over "just to take a look" at her website is deadly. Resistance is futile.

EYE CANDY FRIDAY AND GENERAL GARDEN NEWS The first of the cherries are starting to turn red. This has been noted by every bird in the area. We have netted (talk about a project to make one grumpy!) and hope for the best.

The very first English cuke has appeared looking for all the world like a small, spiny whanker complete with the appropriate curve.

The first of what will likely be many, many zukes.

We try to be as organic as possible at Chez Earin's. Notice the holes on the volunteer hollyhock. It has been a big year for caterpillars. The beetles are pretty happy too.

A white clematis. I have hopes that someday it will flourish and help cover the hideous fence surrounding our house. The fence that keeps things like coyote out and NOT eating our pets and the deer who would only eat the plants.
Doing its part to hide the fence is a purple clematis.

A not so great photo but it gives you an idea of the size.

I don't recall the name of the vine but "It grows in either shade or sun!!" "Up to 15 feet a year!!" This is the last of six plants three or so years down the line. I've put it in a pot and given it a lot of TLC. A month later it looks about the same.


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