Friday, June 08, 2007


Not a lot of knitting has been going on at Chez Earin's. Another miter square but now I'm out of one of the colors. Perhaps a trip to the yarn store in the near future. Various projects are strewn around the house giving me the evil eye as I wander past. Soon, I tell them, soon I'll pick you up and do a few rows. At the moment I am doing a lot of personal sewing. Two pairs of pants, well a pair of pants and a pair of shorts out of the same fabric and the same pattern. My Whooo! Hoooo! sewing center is ready for me to move in and sew away. All I need to do is clean up, organize my fabric stash and notions, move various pieces of furniture around to maximize the space and flow, get some decent lighting in and a fan and gosh, off I go. I'm taking it in stages but I hope to be out there soon. Hubby worked hard to get a new, efficient A/C unit put in so I can work out in the sun-room during the summer months. Photos when things are slightly less messy.


In the meantime I have lots of garden photos.

I love penstemons. There are 250 species and each and every one of them is gorgeous, easy to grow, requires little care or water and blooms forever. You whack them back about once a year and they spring back bushy and full of flowers. What not to love?

Coleus, some type of begonia and lamium. This is a close-up of pots on my front stairs. Except for the coleus which has to be replaced everything overwinters in the greenhouse and after a clean-up in the spring and a little fertilizer needs nothing more than water all season long.

My two fig trees are getting HUGE! The cats like to climb around the branches which are pretty springy and bend when the weight gets heavy enough. I like to stand inside sometimes and be overwhelmed by the total greenness of it all. It's like being a kid again and being up in a tree watching the world go by.

And lilies. Asiatic and Oriental. Though they are gorgeous I've never quite found the right spot for the ones that I have. My day lilies have their spot but these are almost too intense to blend in with the rest of the garden. Still, they be amazing. A couple have a wonderful scent. AllMostTooMuch.

A hydrangea of the Serrata type. It's really not that happy in its current spot - too dry and too many oak roots competing with it but I won't move it until it finishes blooming.


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ahh, enjoying all those lovely photos. I wish I could smell the Oriental lilies from here.. one of my favorites. Overwhelming yet delicious.


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