Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DOG DAZE It's hot. It's 96F and we're all hot. The ac is gently humming - adding nickles, dimes and dollars to our electric bill. At least we don't have to deal with humidity. Not being a morning person and an insomniac I struggle with getting out early enough to walk the dog. The good news is that after worrying about Otis I took him to the vet where we discovered that despite a big growth spurt he hadn't gained any weight in six months....and his white blood cell count "was a little elevated". He wasn't really acting ill but he wasn't roaring around as usual. A month later he has gained a pound (can you say "would you like a treat sweetie?") and is back to his terrorist ways. The second blood test showed his white count to be normal.
Opie thinks the tile is a little bit cooler. The arrow points to a box of Christmas ornaments looking for a home now that it has been ousted from my new sewing room (see below). When we moved here six years ago I thought, "So much room!". Now I struggle to find storage space.

Mr. UPS brought me a box of plants today. I have developed a craze for euphorbias. Digging Dog is my mail order nursery of choice. Mr. UPS always gives Omar a doggie treat when he comes by. We like Mr. USP for a lot of reasons.
I used the massive amount of time my bottom was glued to the couch watching the French Open to get my current knitting projects back in order. I always think that the time in the RV is great knitting time but when I get back home and really look at what I've done I end up frogging. Best to restrict myself to simple projects like...mitered squares! I'm still crazy about them.
Most of my time recently has been spent sewing away on a pair of pants and a pair of shorts from the same pattern and material. I think I have the waistband finally sewn on for the shorts. As I was telling The Enabler, there are a lot of fiddly bits and I'm feeling a little whiny and wishing it was done.

Hubby has worked hard and build me an amazing sewing center. This photo does not do it justice. I'm now sorting, tossing, cleaning and otherwise trying to get the sun room space arranged so that I can continue to sew whenever the urge strikes me.

One thing that is non-sewing related that gets to stay is a much under used treadmill. Now that it is hot I might get back on it again. It's a rather cool treadmill in that the bed will tilt up to 50 degrees so you can simulate hiking up mountains. This is a good thing I am told.


At 12:53 AM, Blogger Elinoire said...

This may sound ridiculous, but our cats like tunacicles when it's hot. I mix tuna with water and then divide it up into not-so-precious-I-can't-toss-it-out-if-I-feel-like-it faux Tupperware containers, and freeze them. When given the frozen tuna, the cats usually lick at it for a while and then lose interest... and back in the freezer it goes.

In garden news, I'm finally back in the groove! This weekend I planted a second tomato (sungold - YUM) and a baby Japanese eggplant and I'm pleased to report I have tiny little cukes and tomatoes growing in my other Pot Of Largeness. Woo! Produce!

Looking at your garden's progress has definitely helped me think about taking on mine again, so thanks!

At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Suzy the Enabler said...

To paraphrase Virginia Woolf, "All one needs is money for fabric and a sewing room of one's own." I'm sure you'll complete lots of projects, now that there's space to work.

Oh, and you could try frozen yogurt as a treat for the fur babies. Our pups used to love them! Especially with a little cooked chiken mixed in.

At 9:09 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

We're starting to get the heat down here too, though not as bad as what you're experiencing yet. Glad to hear that Otis is okay now! If, probably, kinda hot...

Your UPS guy is cool! He must keep a sack of treats in his truck.

I'm always impressed you have the patience to sew. Maybe I'd feel differently if I could understand a pattern. I got halfway through a couple of "Easy" sewing patterns and then got stuck when the instructions didn't match the reality.


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