Friday, July 20, 2007


It's a slow news day here at Chez Earin's. How slow you may ask? Look up. Yes, that is a shredded roll of toilet paper courtesy of our red headed cat, Otis. It's about the best I can do at the moment. Despite being fixed Some.Time.Ago he runs rampant over the household. It's not unusual to see Ollie running by and Opie dashing off in another direction any time a red streak appears. The little Terrorist weighs in around 10 lbs and the Brothers O each weigh in the range of 16 and 17 lbs. It's all a matter of personality I guess.

Otis also has a love of tp rolls (and yarn when he can get it) and knows how to open the bathroom cupboard to get at them. It is time for me to find another safer storage spot. It's like a deranged hamster hyped up on caffeine has been hanging out in my bathroom.

I've tried two dishes from the 5 spices, 50 dishes. One had substitutions so it isn't really fair. Both recipes show promise but I did some amount of fiddling to bring them closer to my desired tastes. Still, I am pleased. I also noticed that I dropped a few pounds. I think it is because there is very little fat and dairy in the recipes. I was strong and did not add bread of any kind to our dinners (and you know how good Indian bread is). How I suffer.

Pebbles is going very slowly. I seem incapable of knitting 3 rows of garter stitch then two rows of moss stitch THEN more moss stitches but increasing in select places. The "select places" elude me. Perhaps I should stop multi-tasking and PayAttention. Drats.

A parcel of yarn and pattern arrived in the mail (Along with some yummy honey from my friend Kate as a late birthday prezzie. I will not be proud. The honey will be put in a special place - Just For Me). The parcel is also a prezzie so it is Top Secret for now.

I am trying to get my podcast out but keep segueing off to other projects. Hopefully, it will be "in the can" by tomorrow.


Big. Bright. Golden. Sunflower.

Three roses. The red one on the left has an amazing smell. I am happy to say that all 9 transplanted bushes have survived and are making new buds.

Another sunflower. Different but still big, bright and beautiful.
Now the wait for Harry.


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