Friday, August 17, 2007


It's been one of those weeks. I finally got around to emptying out the side pockets of my backpack purse which was full of various seeds from my urban hiking. Things are always a jumble so by the time I get around to starting up seeds (next year) I won't have a clue to what they are. There have been some fun moments in the past where I waited and waited for the plant to flower then the searching of databases and the Voila! It's a ________!!! Maybe you have to be a crazed gardener to get off on this but it does a lot for me.

My plum wine has been racked. That just means I siphon from one carboy to a new carboy. Each time you leave debris behind. I have another tree full of plums coming ripe. More jam. More wine. Chemistry can be fun!

Kate came up to view the Perseids with us. Omar was thrilled. Omar adores Kate. We had several other people come up and spend a few days watching the night sky. I think I was the only one who really stayed awake until 4 am. I base this on the snoring that filled the night air. The meteors were divine. Just sleeping out in the garden under the sky was such a treat.
Yesterday I mailed back some sad and lonely socks that various house guests had left behind. Goodbye little sockies!
While Elaine was here (unfortunately the photo I had of her using my ball winder and swift did not do her justice - trust me on this Elaine) we went to Meadow Farm where I finally bought the "wet spun" linen I'd been lusting after and started knitting a project from the Mason-Dixon book - a small window covering for our front door. I am very pleased with it. I stopped following their chart and started tossing in my yo's as I felt was appropriate. It's pretty small. Roughly 13" x 22" done on size 5's. I bought two skeins but I think I will only need one. This is a quandary for me. They were pricey - $20 each and I don't really have anything else that I need linen for. On the other hand, I have never returned yarn. I could return it and get a store credit or even the cash. What to do, what to's lovely stuff.


Being almost pathetically wanting and willing to please I been keeping my eye peeled looking for nice back lit photo opportunities. A complimentary comment from Lene will do that to me. A trumpet vine with a volunteer morning glory.

Hydrangea blossoms (the lovely "Alice", dried, on the bush - her leaves will turn a wonderful gold and russet when winter comes) and that still unknown yellow thing. Even the woman who gave it to me can't remember what the heck it is. I'll send you a skein of linen if you can tell me.

Two types of blanketflowers. Grown from seed natch.

Wild grasses along Rifflebox canal along with some watercress.

Sunflowers picked for a Friday bouquet.

Go figure. For the life of me I couldn't take a decent semi-color correct photo of the resulting bouquet. I vented via PhotoShop.
I feel a podcast coming on so check out Trueyarns soon. I'll be reviewing books on how to dye yarn from basic to advanced.


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