Friday, July 27, 2007


My friend John (from Boston, smart, funny, employed and single!) is visiting us for the weekend. We took him hiking. We headed up Hwy 20 just before you join up with Hwy 80 and turned off on the road to Bowman Lake. We picked a hiking/camping area a few miles south of Bowman and after a fair amount of jostling along on a dirt road we hit the trailhead. The trail passes lake after lake (I can't remember all their names at the moment but "Carr" was one of them. This one had tadpoles swimming near the edge.

This one had small critters - frogs or fish underneath the greenery that would jump if you made a sudden move.

This one was just pretty. We could have gone on for a very long time and not run out of lakes but we were day hiking. My injured toe held up but was very happy to stop. At our turn around point we flopped down and took a little rest. I looked up to see Omar dozing off with John meditating in the background. I went down to the lake edge (3 feet away) and found a most wondrous sight. Hundreds of beautiful blue dragonflies hovering over the water laying their eggs. Some were resting on reeds out in the water just an inch or so from the water so the blue of their bodies were reflected on the water's surface. It wouldn't photograph worth a damn so it will be one of those precious internal memories. It really was incredible.
On the way home Omar took a snooze.

I knit on the way out and on the way back on the right front of Pebbles. I so love this yarn that I went and bought the last three skeins from Sundara. I will find a use for them. Perhaps a shell top.

My English cucumbers are coming ripe in fit and starts so I am making bread and butter pickles in very small batches. I just realized that I forgot to photograph the two 5 gallon carboys of plum wine that is brewing away. I spent hours chopping 25 lbs of very small plums. Both my thumbs have multiple cuts despite being taped.


A hyssop that I started from seed last year. I think it is called "Apricot Sprite".

Volunteer Cosmos.

Begonias in a hanging basket. A basket (there are actually two) which only grows begonias that are orange and sometimes the occasional red. I've tried other colors but orange is it.

I love having a banana tree. Childhood memories of Panama. It was a magical place for a child.


At 2:30 PM, Blogger Elinoire said...

Poor thumbs! I didn't cut mine up when I was making jam, but the purple peels stained all my fingernails. :-P

I only planted one cuke this summer so no pickling -- I'm just going to eat them. Homegrown cukes are pretty amazing.

At 9:27 AM, Anonymous suzy said...

Take the cukes and make cold curry cucumber soup! Very yummy!

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

All sooooo pretty, but you sound like you are incurring a lot of physical injuries, girl. I hope you are putting up a lot of plum wine to take away the pain...


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