Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The West is baking away. We're having days of 99F and personally I'm rather tired of it all. Our well continues to give us many problems and very little water so my beautiful garden is dying. I do what I can but it seems I'm constantly finding stressed plants. I fear that most of my rhododendrons are dead or beyond saving.

I washed and blocked some of my mitered squares (using as little water as possible). It gave me a lovely sense of accomplishment. I have discovered though that the cats love to pull the pins out and the squares had acquired a lot of stickers. Obviously, this must be done behind closed doors in the future.

I and the garden are still hanging in there and hopefully before next summer we will be hooked into city water. Elinor, who appears here in her Simpsonized aspect has kindly sent me her pickled green bean recipes. Valerie suggested that I ask her and a very good suggestion it was. Thank you! I have my fingers crossed that green beans will pour out and overflow my kitchen. In a little while I will go and harvest all of those lovely cantaloupes. They are as ripe as they can be and they are like perfume.

I am walking Omar just before dusk when things are a little cooler. He is happy to have the canal to drink from. Yesterday I noticed that Ollie was not right. A trip to the vet this morning showed him to have urinary crystals and a distended bladder. He will have to stay at the vet's for a few days while they clear him out. He is not happy. I went to see him this afternoon and he told me so. I had worried that somehow he had swallowed one of my blocking pins but the x-ray cleared me of that guilt.

I've been fiddling way too much with this extremely simple pattern. While tossing and turning last night trying to decide whether or not to drive an hour to the emergency vet it occurred to me that this pattern just might have the seam allowances factored in. A quick call to Suzy the Enabler confirmed that this was the case (I waited until a decent hour). Now perhaps all things will fit as they are supposed to. I am hoping to make three of these out of the same fabrics, those lovely silk brocades so that they are similar, linked as it were, but not identical. They would be my gift to the friends I meet every year at the Sebastopol Celtic Festival. It's a plan.
Oh, and I've got jury duty. Their instuctions say I cannot bring knitting needles. What fun is that?


At 8:52 PM, Blogger The Cat Herder said...

Can you bring a crochet hook to the jury room?

It was hot in Oakland today. I was watching the elephants in 95 degree weather. I thought I was going to melt away!



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