Friday, September 14, 2007


My stove is getting quite the workout these days. Peach leaves are stewing on the left and gingered fig chutney on the right. The chutney was WAy HoT and has too much cardamon. I was able to pick out a lot of the hot pepper pieces but the spice problem is a stumper. I will can it and hope something magical happens while it is sitting on the shelf. I'm excited about my upcoming dyeing project and hope things go well.

Hubby is still out roaring along the back roads of Northern CA and Oregon. He says it's hotter than he expected. It has suddenly turned cool here by about a drop of 20 degrees F. All of a sudden it is Fall. I put a blanket on the bed.

Next weekend is my annual pilgrimage to Sebastopol to the Celtic Festival. I get to see two dear friends and listen to a whole lot of great music while I knit. I am out of my RY cashsoft so I will be switching from churning out mitered squares and back to Pebbles.


Monday there was a block meeting to talk to the local water people about hooking up to their system. Things are looking good for this to happen as long as we fork over a fair amount of money per household, abandon our wells (sounds so sad - you can still use your well but you have to pay money for a device - and a monthly fee- to ensure that your water doesn't mix with their water - safe water sex?). My best guess is that it will be 2009 before we have to worry about co-mingling our H2O's.

Otis looking a little sleepy and a whole lot gorgeous.

Omar. A study in black and white with a touch of tan.

This poor tree fern could tell you horror stories about the lack of water. He looked so fine last Spring but now he's just hanging on.

A morning glory. What a color.

A grasshopper having dinner on one of my roses. Eat up, it will be very cold before you know it.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

You always manage to make Omar look so sophisticated, but I have a feeling he's a little goof-ball of energy in real life...


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