Friday, November 02, 2007


But she's mine. The RV bathmat is done. I wasn't sure it was worth washing and blocking. We're heading back down to Pacific Grove on Sunday for the fun task of sorting, tossing and who knows what else of 20 years of stuff. There is no organization so each and every drawer and box will have to be gone through. I've got charities coming in to haul off the new washer - it just isn't worth the money to rent a trailer, haul it 200 plus miles north then run an ad selling it - and any of the little things no longer needed. Things like the five vacuums and so forth. It will be fun, lots of fun. Did I mention the 14 steep stairs that hubby and I will be going up and down 321,815 or so times?

I've been using the leftover cotton for washcloths and to try out new patterns (as mentioned in my last post). Somehow I went from 39 stitches to 32 so some frogging has occurred. I'm still looking under cushions for a couple of them. Just when I think I have this knitting thing cornered she gives a wiggle and she's gone.


There were just a few squash this year. We are slowly eating them and they are tasty.

The pineapple sage continues to put on a fantastic show.

After a cold snap and a little rain we are back to being rather balmy. The begonias like it.

Alice, the wonder hydrangea, is putting on her Fall wardrobe.

And Ollie enjoys some time on the hammock. He likes to jump up and swing back and forth. He does this all on his own.


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