Sunday, October 21, 2007


The moving of Mom has taken place and all is well. In fact it went so much more smoothly than I had anticipated that I'm a little stunned. There is still a lot to do such as the cleaning, sorting and moving of her household items but the hard part was finding the right place for her with the right level of care and good staff.

On the way down to Pacific Grove I started up a cotton bathmat. The floor in the RV is an odd shape and I've never been happy with anything I'd tried in the past. Once again Mason-Dixon was a godsend. Our local crafts store had some Sugar 'n' Cream which I used doubled up on size 7 bamboo needles. I am getting 3 stitches an inch. I tried three stitch types on my swatch. Stockinette, garter and moss. The moss stitch won hands down. The arrow in the photo is to show the color fastness test that I'm doing for my dyed with peach leaves yarn. So far no fading and it has been over two weeks. I am pleased.

Pacific Grove is an incredibly beautiful place but I must confess it doesn't do anything for me anymore. I spent years and years living on the Monterey Peninsula and it just doesn't have the charm that it had in the past. Too many cars, too many people, too many businesses, all the open spaces now filled with houses. It used to be a wonderful area to wander around. Now every street is busy and it looks a bit worn and bursting at the seams to me. I felt the same way about Big Sur when I was there last. Still beautiful but worn around the edges. I think that I also just have too many memories of people long gone, dreams that never came to pass.

Lover's Point.

Dick enjoyed the ocean and the harbor seals at Hopkins Marine Sanctuary. I used to go SCUBA diving all along the coast years ago. Hopkins is probably the only place that still has clams and abalone clinging to the rocks.

My mother has been an absolute trooper. She had some trouble getting into the RV but once in she was cheerful and thrilled to be there.

The reservoir off of Pacheco Pass/Highway 152 was very low. Low. Very Low.

We have all sorts of plans for decorating. We found a golden color on the bedspread that I will attempt to dye some curtains with to perk up the window. The staff is friendly and take the time to listen to my mother and make sure she hears what they say. She's been almost completely deaf for most of her life. The food is good and there is a lot of it too. Overall, we're both pretty happy. There was another round of massive amounts of paperwork yesterday but I think that it is tapering off. I should be famous. I've been signing my name so much lately.


At 2:58 AM, Blogger bluey said...

great to hear that everything is fine and working out.

Do take care.

At 5:18 PM, Blogger The Cat Herder said...

Mom's got a nice view of trees. The room looks very comfy, especially with the Big Squishy Chair. I'm glad everything went well.


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