Friday, November 09, 2007


We were a very popular address earlier this week. We probably still are since the dumpster will not be removed until Monday. An amazing number of people hopped in with glazed eyes and fixed smiles. Coming back from our lunch break we were asked by a woman chest deep and clutching an old watering can, "Do you want some of this too?". Since it was technically all mine and both hubby and I had been working long hours to toss it out the answer was, "Well, no and by the way, it's really all mine". She didn't seem to quite grasp the concept but several other people offered to "come inside and help". Thankfully, hubby was very cheerful about it all. I found that my instincts to "defend my territory" had been aroused. I'm third of six so territory was a big issue while growing up. But I'm over that...really.

That it was a grueling series of days doesn't quite sum it up but it is done. We are now home and tomorrow we start hauling all the things that we brought up out of the RV and deciding - store or take to my mother's? It was interesting to see the various emotions that arose as I sorted, tossed and packed. My mother really loved Stuff. If only she loved wool and not acrylic yarn...sigh.

Thank you all who sent me kind comments. It's been an interesting journey and still lots more to come. My mother is "adjusting". Losing a lot of your autonomy is very hard. Getting old and needing help is very hard to accept.

We both needed a change of pace after we came home so I settled down with the sleeve of Pebbles. It has been a while. A couple of hours watching Law and Order:CI reruns with a pot of tea did wonders for my psyche.

Today was the chiropractor, lunch with a girlfriend, and an hour and a half of being tortured by Kona, the Warrior Woman Rolfer. I swear she has steel rods in her fingers. I feel so much better though. During lunch we did a quickie run to the local yarn store where gosh, both of us had store credit. I picked up some shorter needles for the Pebbles sleeve and two skeins of Crystal Palace superwash "Merino 5". I am going to make my mother a hat to match a polar fleece coat I will give her. It's much colder than she is used to in the winter. I am thinking of something simple from Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Knitting Workshop" but who knows.

Casting around for something for dinner I decided on a black bean - pumpkin soup. This brave pumpkin, grown in our very own yard, is giving up his or her life and soul to nourish us. The stove really isn't as dirty as it seems (it's worse).
Which brings us to:

Our days are still lovely but the nights are becoming crisp. We have a small fire to take the chill off the living room. It's very cosy.
A grape vine closing out its chlorophyll for the winter.

One of the few cyclamens that survived the dry summer.

We've had little rain but it's damp enough for mushrooms to sprout up in the most unlikely places.


At 1:16 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

I had typed in a really long comment and then it just... vanished. I don't know where it went. Bah. I said something about the pretty yarn, and something about all that work you did.. but my brain's too foggy to reconstruct :) Bah. Happy knitting and I hope you get some serious relaxing in .. you deserve it!

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Claude said...

Pebbles? Pebbles? Bah! Humbug! You think yo mama whines?! You haven't heard anything yet. I've very nearly gotten the Hot Pink Tart to join me in my new, upcoming rebellion.

I will no longer be Claude the Forgotten. I am now Claude the Merciless. Tremble at my wrath!


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