Friday, November 16, 2007

WIPING UP I've knit another dishcloth. I went down a needle size and made it as dense, well, if not as possible, pretty darn dense. I have no idea why it turned out so long. I swear it was square when I cast off. I haven't used it yet but I think it's likely to pass to pass the functionality test. Note the cool crocheted loop for convenient hanging up of.

Wed. I went out to Auburn to meet up with my friend Sharon. It seems like we haven't seen each other in a long time. Work for her. Mother for me. I shopped for a new cell phone and then we had dinner at Panera. This is the new place the Chicks with Sticks meet every Wed. for their stitch and bitch. I had a wonderful time and much progress was made on the Pebbles sleeve.

Being incredibly close to finishing the sleeve I went and cast on for something else. I had been reading about mittens at Moth Heaven so I started looking at mitten patterns. I have such an urge to try twined knitting. Somehow, I segued over to hats and ended up casting on the cable band for this hat for my mother. I did a test run and decided to go up a notch to size 7's. I did my very first provisional cast-on. I also experimented with cabling without a needles but you know, I like using a needle just fine. It's good to know though for those occasions one is stuck up a creek without either a paddle or a cable needle. I've been known to use a crochet hook from time to time. Toothpicks are a great size but too rough.

The yarn is from my stash (hear the birds singing of my virtues) and a very good compliment with the winter coat I'm shortening the sleeves on for dear Mom. It's Di.Vo Autunno Merino and very soft. I hope I can find another skein (I have two in this color) for matching mittens. Remember the mittens?

Returning to my roots of very long ago (and racking up more karma points) I am dyeing curtains for dear Mom with Ritz dye. The peach leaves were a lot more fun.


At this time of year the garden is a mess. I haven't done any real work in it for ages. Even if I had it would still look a little down at the heels. Fall is like that. The roses continue to bloom. The night time temperatures are dropping so soon there will be a frost.

In the morning as I look out the window I enjoy looking at the pond and the pineapple sage.
I've been congratulating myself for going to the effort to start up another round of zinnias in the late summer. They almost glow.

The climber, Fourth of July has a few roses still.

And yet another blanket flower. I'm always intrigued by how many versions there are in my garden. This particular flower has be so hybridized that it is constantly recombining as it reseeds. There was one that was like a cancer, clumped with a few petals poking out but most of them are pretty.


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