Friday, December 14, 2007

Last night we gathered up a huge pile of pillows and blankets and headed outdoors around 11:30 pm to watch the Geminid meteor shower. It was a perfect night for it - glorious, clear and cold. My pickup truck was already covered in frost by the time we set up. We watched for awhile and then realized we need to reposition ourselves since a couple of trees were right in the main spot of action. We took that time to rethink our covers since we were both getting a serious case of frozen bottom. Omar thought this was all quite interesting and had fun growling madly at us when we tried to get him to move off the blankets so we could spread them out in a better arrangement. He kept well snuggled down. He wasn't going to get his beautiful nose all cold and runny. It was a wonderful display and we saw an almost constant stream of meteors. We like our night sky A.Lot.

Things are now nice and cold these days. Not anything like the people back East go through but enough to make a small dog know the best places to snuggle down.

I had set aside the hat I was making for my mother but have brought it out again. After fussing with Pebbles I decided I needed a break and what I really need are socks. Nice plain, no cable, nothing fancy socks.

I'm using the colorway, Dahlia, which is some lovely yarn from Sundara's sock club. I'm using metal size 0's and I think I'm getting 7 stitches to the inch. I've fogotten already. We loves Dahlia with a passion. I've used a variety of books and no one pattern for my simple and plain sock. Unsurprisingly, The Yarn Harlot's book has been the most helpful. I should have broken the skein into two but am trying to compensate by weighing as I go along.
There was a very good article in the NYTimes on-line the other day about how to keep your aging brain agile. Needing all the help I can get I read it. I particularly liked this passage.
"The brain, like every other part of the body, changes with age, and those changes can impede clear thinking and memory. Yet many older people seem to remain sharp as a tack well into their 80s and beyond. Although their pace may have slowed, they continue to work, travel, attend plays and concerts, play cards and board games, study foreign languages, design buildings, work with computers, write books, do puzzles, knit or perform other mentally challenging tasks that can befuddle people much younger."
Ms. Brody, the author, also goes on to say that you should move beyond scarves to really stretch those neurons. Good to know. Perhaps I will get back to Pebbles faster than I had planned.

The houserobe for my mother is now completed. Oh, okay, two little bits on the sleeves. Jeez.

I've figured out all the problem areas and will now make mine up. You have no idea how hard it was to get this thing cut out. Cats love the stuff and know that they are meant to sit on it. I can't blame them. Polar fleece is lovely stuff. Hard to believe it's recycled plastic bottles.
I've learned a few things about working with it:
It does not ravel.
It will melt.
It seems to look the same on both sides so there is no right or wrong side to sew.
It is stretchy in all directions and has no grainline.
Most interesting of all is that it builds up and discharges an amazing static charge and if you are wearing your i-pod or i-pod equivalent the charge will go straight up the wires into the earbuds and you will get a heck of a zap on both sides of your head and your device will turn off. Just thought you would like to know.


I didn't take any special photos this week so I thought I would post some older photos of the views around our property.


At 7:46 AM, Anonymous Suzy the Enabler said...

Omar, all tucked in, is totally adorable. But you know that, and so does he!

Fleece, in fact, does have a right and wrong side; you can tell by looking at the selvedge of the fabric. Like jersey knit, it will tend to roll towards the right side (I believe) when stretched. Not that it makes much of a difference, since most times there isn't a noticable pattern change between one side and the other. Who wants to be so obsessive about fleece, anyway? Not Moi!

At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Suzy the Enabler said...

Lovely bathrobe too! You Mom will be most cosy.


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