Friday, December 28, 2007


Yesterday we did what The Enabler calls "The Costco Crunch". We drove down to Roseville which takes about an hour and ran errands and bought lots of stuff. Our bit for the economy and all that. I packed myself a traveling knitting bag. Two ongoing projects, my Zune for all my music needs, a banana for strength, a book, and a blanket.

First stop was Fry's, which in California is for electronics not either electronics or for groceries such as in Arizona. It seems that they all have themes. This one has an old time train crashing through the wall. Being totally unwilling to put my knitting down and get out of the car I just took the photo through the window and across the parking lot. I sat and knit while hubby checked things out inside.

We then went to Home Depot then on to Costco for massive amounts of food and things like laundry soap. We make the trek about three times a year which is plenty for us. I have finished one pre-felted slipper and am making good headway on the second. I don't have much experience deliberately felting things so knitting something so large seems very odd to me. Cruising around last night looking for alternative big wool (I don't really like the Rowan colorways) to make "Storm" out of I discovered Sheep Shop Yarn but alas cannot seem to find anyone selling the color I'd really like to use. Since there are plenty of colors that I really like (heck I wouldn't turn any of them down) I have lots of options. I had the thought that I might actually coordinate so the sweater would fit in with what I laughingly call "my wardrobe". Sweatpants qualify don't they? Anyone have a great place to buy the stuff on-line?

My super-duper cozy as can be and "boy am I ever warm and packing an electrical charge that I would love to pass on to you" house-robe is done. Since it snowed last night I felt my timing was spot on.


The cherry trees hung onto their leaves for a long time. I don't recall them being so beautiful in the past. They are now mostly gone and what is left is a very dull brown.

When I sat down to work on my slippers last night I remembered I had left a needle on the floor of hubby's car. Outside it was snowing! We don't get a lot of snow at Chez Earin's so it's a real treat. Words like these gets my cousin from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada in a tizzy. You're happy to have snow? Yes, yes we are.

By mid morning most of it was gone though we might get a bit more tonight. Toss another log into the wood burning stove, would ya?

Tomorrow I meet up with Sharon for lunch and a spot of girlfriend knitting. She's thinking of starting a knitting group in Auburn which would be just within my migratory range. We homebodies don't like to travel far. I'm still recovering from The Costco Crunch. Hand me that teapot. I feel weak.


At 11:09 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

I can definitely see, though, how spoiled I am to live less than a ten-minute drive from Costco and Fry's. On the other hand, you are spoiled to live in all that beautiful countryside... Hmm. ;-)

Happy New Year!

At 7:49 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The slippers are looking very interesting. Do you put a sole on them? Something in leather? Hmm, if you were to use black leather, would that give them a warm, cozy punk/gothic soul?

The bathrobe looks lovely. Good job!

Happy Roo Year!


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