Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We've continued to have fun in the snow. Omar now has a set of four little rubber booties and I am considering kniting teeny tiny socks for him. He's actually a bit smaller than the smallest size bootie available and could use some filler. Besides, some wool socks will help keep those paws warm.

After literally weeks of miserable weather (though we were grateful for the rain) we have flipped into Spring or at least Spring-like weather. It's 69F. Sunny with melting snow in the deepest shade up in Grass Valley. It makes for some very muddy hiking. My garden isn't sure what is happening: there are buds about to open on my fruit trees. Go figure. It makes you fearful of what the temperature will be come July.

Ollie is not sure what the attraction snow has. He much prefers his blanket next to a window.

I've worn my new Dahlia colorway socks twice. My only complaint is that they seem to stretch out and get rather baggy. I knit them on size 0's and the gauge was right on the money so who knows. Overall though, I am feeling like I've got a good handle on knitting your basic sock. I'm not one for cables and other folderols - just give me a nice plain sock please.
Note the puppy whiskers to the far right bottom. Omar hates to be left out.

See? I do however like a little color and have been having a heck of a lot of fun adapting the Cowgirl slipper socks pattern from Spring 06 Interweave Press. That's buffalo yarn for the cuff. It's rather nice stuff to knit with though it seems just a tiny bit fragile. It's also rather costly so I won't be using it much. I might sew on a few beads or perhaps add some embroidery. It still needs something to take it over the top. I doubled the two ply buffalo yarn and also doubled the Koigu that I used. I think the touch of green was some RY Cashsoft I had bits of. I never could figure out how to get rid of the four extra stitches I ended up with for the wave cuff that the original pattern called for. The heel turn had an errata on their website which solved the problem I was having with the heel. For this pair I did a few rows of seed stitch then a few rows of stockingette times three repeats. It has a sort of "fake fur" feel which is just perfect for the ankle. The pattern whips up fast so I should have the second one done in no time. (Do.Not.Cast.On.Another.Project.)

Oh, and there are a few ends to weave in.
In the meantime...

I've bottled up the plum wine I started last July. Wine making requires patience. No labels yet but Sharon is busy designing them and trying to deal with my crappy jpeg images. Thank you Sharon.

I also started up two new batches of plum wine. One with honey and golden raisins and one without. Ten gallons in all. My floor freezer no longer looks like we're planning on either company for 350 or Armageddon.


At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Omar is looking incredibly stylish in his coat, and Dick in his hat too. The socks are colorful, as well as looking roasty toasty. Next up, will you be knitting in any pink flamingos? Knitted flamingo socks would be quite stylish.

Whatever became of Claude?

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

Hi, I'm also a lapsed gardener due to knitting mania! Those socks are gorgeous - I haven't leapt into the sock pond yet, but sock slippers seem to be a good place to start!


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