Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today I ate at MacDonalds for the first time in my life. My.Soul Is.Lost. Personally, I thought there should have been balloons and a free meal to mark such a historic event. I have steadfastly refused to eat fast food since the mid 60's but it's a convenient and easy place to take my mother. Sigh. There will be lots more fast food in my future I fear.

On the bright side I wore my newest hat, Coronet, and received two compliments right off the bat. Smile. AND the compliment givers were young. Always a great sign.

I'd like to say that I am storming along on Storm but I'm not. The yarn continues to have these strange partially spun sections and the plastic needles are driving me crazy.

I popped into Ben Franklin's and bought a metal pair of size 17's. Once home I discovered that one needle has a badly corroded section so back I go to exchange them. It's been one of those days. I'm ready to start up two new batches of plum wine and I teaspoon of yeast nutrient. I went to the supply store (I was in the neighborhood) but they were closed. Closed!
Taking to heart the Enabler's claim that my dog would be riduculed by the other dogs (though why a red/pink/floral pattern dog coat would give anyone pause is beyond me) I sewed up a much more subdued dog coat. I'm still not that satisfied with the pattern so more tweaking is in order but at least my dog won't be snickered at behind his back by poodles.

I had a much nicer time at Fabrics on Mill St. where I picked up the knit top pattern we will be making in April at the the second Four Women of Design retreat. I bought the appropriate amount of a very lovely knit to make it up in. I love having treats scheduled. I will again spend the four days with Suzy the Enabler sewing up a storm and learning way cool techniques. It almost takes my mind off the fact that I am developing a very sore throat.

Yesterday was rain, sleet, and some very wet snow. Today there was some actual sunshine but the weather is turning darker. Ollie surveyed his domain from the safety inside the fence.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

What an artsy shot of Ollie! So nicely composed, with the basket of squashes and the evergreens outside. Pretty :)

I *love* your Coronet — looks so soft and warm. Isn't that a fun little pattern? I like the mix of cables and easy stuff.

I'm in bed with the flu, instead of on my way to Arizona for a business trip. Bah. But at least I can catch up on blogs now... first couple days my fever was too high to do anything at all.

At 3:57 PM, Anonymous mia said...

Just don't feed Omar McDonalds. The dogs love it. I take Astro for a cheesburger every so often and he gets sooo excited.


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