Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed today. Too much to do before we leave on Sunday for our annual trip to Phoenix to visit The Enabler and her husband. Managing my mother's affairs is an amorphous situation with my tucking in here and rearranging there. Concepts such as On Demand Movies actually costing money is the latest fun task. Thankfully, by this afternoon, I had managed to get a great deal done and feel much better. (Did you know you can put in a code that keeps people from accidently ordering movies? I now do.) Not much knitting to show though. My dream of actually sewing up Claude and wearing it in front of Suzy The Enabler are fading but I have not quite given up hope.

One thing I have been doing is cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Above are two photos of our last outing on snowshoes and below are photos from last weekend. We took two dear visiting friends from the Bay area over past Truckee and hauled them far out into the forest. Omar to his total disgust and dismay was left at home. Poor doggie. How he suffers. He had actually been to the Wheeler Sheep Camp when he was a puppy the first springtime of his little life.

The conditions at Kyburz Flat in the Tahoe National Forest were most excellent. The snow was soft enough for beginners to practice their downhill technique without flying off into space and requiring rescue and multiple cups of hot chocolate.

One day I would love to use the restored oven at the camp. There are Indian ruins too and the remains of the Henness Pass Stagecoach station. In the spring many wild birds use the shallow lakes to breed. It's a wonderful place all year round.
We've had some very spring-like weather lately but now we are back to rain with snow up in the mountains. Here are the cats enjoying themselves and hoping for small furry critters to play with.

Otis remains very cautious but does come over for snuggles at night.

Opie hasn't been feeling well and we're not sure what to do. He has always had a delicate stomach but he's outdone himself and our rugs will never be quite the same. If he keeps upchucking we will take him to the vet asap. He seems much better this afternoon.

Omar would like you to know that he is very photogenic too. Blogger's spellcheck hasn't seemed to work for sometime so I do the best I can.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Claude! Claude! Did you read that? There's hope, Claude, hope! Don't give up. Earin will finish you! Perhaps you just needed to age, like a fine wine.

Can't wait for you visit. Much Enablement will ensue!


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