Friday, April 18, 2008


Dear Midwest,

It has come to our attention that you recently experienced a 5.2 earthquake. Congratulations! If we may be so forward to pass on some advice.

Stay indoors during the next one. You're more likely to be injured if you're running around.
Yeah, you can go stand in the doorway but really, unless it's a weight bearing door it's useless. Chances are you'll be bouncing around from the first nanosecond and won't be making any choices. Personally, we have a theory that the prefab shower stalls are a good bet. They're flexible. Watch out for the glass door though.
Keep a fair amount of canned goods and water available. If the quake is big enough you'll need them.
Don't light up if you smell gas. Oh, and it's a good idea to know how to turn the gas off. Is your hotwater heater secured?
Don't count on the phones, landlines or cell to work for a few hours.
Stay home. The emergency personnel really don't need you driving around gawking.
Accept the reality that California isn't the only place in the US to have them. The world is a shifty place.

While the Midwest was having a good time I finished four mitered squares and sewed them together. I am not entirely happy with my seams but am not sure what else I can do. Suggestions?

I spent most of Tuesday waiting to administer justice. Since I was denied my constitutional right to arm myself with the dangerous weapon of my choice (knitting needles) I crocheted a dishcloth while waiting. In the end the trial was dismissed and we were sent home. I was ready though.

I put the final touches on the second chemo hat. The band was looser than I liked so I threaded in some elastic. The recipient will be here tomorrow so she will receive two hats and a tutorial, pattern, needles, and yarn included, of how to knit mitered squares.


We've been hot, we've been cold but Spring continues on. Poppies

The native iris popped open. Wow.

I introduced some euphorbia plants into the garden last year. I am pleased.

To the delight of myself and most flying insects the ceanothus is in bloom.

Not much in the way of fragrance but oh so gorgeous. Lilac.

Cascading rose bush, lavender, the Floozy in the background and a climbing rose in the way, way background (Dreamweaver).


At 11:45 PM, Blogger The Cat Herder said...

Hi, hon. Just caught up on your blog. BTW - I fished the Noro Silver Streak sweater and actually wear it. I will need to borrow a friend's camera and take a shot of it for you. Took a class today in how to make earrings. I have all these lampworked beads I made and now they are earrings! - Elaine


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