Monday, May 26, 2008


Looking at my photos I can see that I am rather behind on my blogging so here's a bit of catching up on what's been happening at Chez Earin's.


Hubby had a off road 4 wheeling trail that he wanted to explore up by Downieville. That's a couple of very scenic hours of driving just to get there. The trail turned out to be still bogged down by heavy mud and snow drifts. It's around 7,000 ft elevation. We decided to check out some of the local lakes instead while we were up there.

Gold Lake. I like this photo because it looks like I'm floating above the water. Omar it turns out Does Not Like things that FLOAT. After being hoisted on to this floating dock he shivered and looked very unhappy. He refused to come out onto any of the others. Little does he know that we're planning on buying a small boat and a set of water wings for him.

This is the view in front of me as I levitate over the lake. Pretty nice though a bit on the chilly side.


I headed down to the bay area last week. Kate kindly put me up and demonstrated the best way to get the air out of her airbed. Now I know. We went to see Iron Man and it was a great movie. It was good to spend some time with her. Museum visiting, cruising around the Presido looking for George Lucas's new film institute, food.

Opie, recognizing my suitcase, either decided that he didn't want me to leave OR that it had a shocking lack of cat fur. I suspect the latter.

I went with my friend Katrina to Kaiser. Not much fun but Katrina does it with grace and quiet dignity.

The second vintage sock is coming along. I'm using the French Open to spend a lot of time sitting on the couch knitting away. I'm hoping to wrap up a couple of UFO's over the next couple of weeks.

I collected up a few mitered squares from Katrina. I'm helping her make a baby blanket for her new grandchild. I can see there are going to be a few problems. This is POST blocking.


I made a pair of long shorts. The fit is perfect and I am very pleased. I used a new technique using double sided tape that washes out to place the zipper and things went much faster.

I have lots of the trim fabric. I plan to make a sleeveless version of this blouse to go with the long shorts.

I've been experimenting and practicing some techniques: Pintucks, pleats, and curved darts. Some of the darts are decorated with beads or whipstitched. Pintucks are Way Cool.


While going in and out of my studio I took a photo of a small section of the mess. I realized that it showed (or almost showed) several of my favorite things:

1 - Swift and ball winder
2 - A traced pattern
3 - Watercolor brushes
4 - Yarn and needles
5 - Home made plum wine waiting for their labels
6 - Colored pencils/pen and ink/various art supplies
7 - Soapmaking molds
8 - Drafting table. To the left is a set of shelves with ALL sorts of art supplies
9 - To the right and behind: clay/yarn stash/orchids/books/junk


Hubby had a "significant number" birthday. He gets teased a lot by me because he doesn't wrap things. Yup, they come in the box they were mailed in. So, not being able to totally sink to that level but wanting to do something I gave him his presents in this. I had to point out the post-it.


The heat wave hastened the end of the iris season though this one is of a different type and bloomed a bit later. I managed to get a photo before I left for the bay area and caught the last few blooms when I came home a few days later.

The roses and lavender are starting to strut their stuff.

The amaryllis rebloom every year. They are magnificent.


At 5:24 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

That's like, er, five blog posts in one. I feel like I have to write a novel just to keep up!

The amaryllis really are beautiful. I always think, "Why grow amaryllis? They have no scent?" -- but perhaps I am a little too nose-oriented (especially lately!). Visual gratification is good too.

Your birthday bag for your husband made me laugh out loud. Mine isn't quite that bad, but when it's time to wrap my presents he asks me for some wrapping paper. It just feels weird...

I like your Favorite Things. I knew we were meant to be friends ;-)

You don't know how much you're tempting me in the sewing direction lately.

Kitties, puppies, socks, airbeds! All grand.

At 2:54 AM, Blogger Helenmarie said...

Earin, your flowers are wonderful, as is your knitting and your sewing.
When Sharon was here recently, she pointed out that you and I are working on the same sock pattern -- the Ringwood vintage pattern.

I am wondering if you know why the pattern says to cut the yarn before beginning the heel flap ???? I am just getting to that point with mine and can't see a reason to cut the yarn ???? Did you cut yours??

Love, Sharon's Mom
PS this is my second attempt to leave a comment. the first one didn't publish so am trying again.


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