Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today was a fun day. My sewing guild in the morning. We met at our new location. We had a visiting speaker who was amazing. She knows so much about sewing and sewing machines and how they work. I learned A LOT. She's coming back in August to talk about sergers. Yea!!!

This evening it was Knit Night. We were small in numbers (and one is off to the right) but mighty in Spirit.

This particular sock (Nancy Bush Vintage) has been finished. Now for No. 2. I like the French Heel a lot but am not sure about the round toe.

I continue to sew up a storm. I finished this blouse yesterday afternoon. The pants were made last summer but I never had a top that went well with them. Now I do. I made another top in a floral print which somehow seems to be on another camera. You can catch a glimpse of it in the Knit Night photo (along with the totally unseen blue capri pants that go with it - my goodness... I.AM.COORDINATED...HELP ME!!!!).

Next up: another pair of capri pants. I am experimenting with some stressed silk fabric (in the dryer) to put on the cuffs. Not sure yet but it has potential. Then perhaps a summer houserobe. It's starting to get a little warm these days.


I love to garden but it isn't all wandering around snapping photos by a long shot. A few weeds. There are more. LOTS. Feel free to come on by and pull a few. I'll make you cookies and iced tea. Then I'll send you home with an armful of flowers.

Oriental poppies. They are a wonderful purple color inside.

Iris. They both smell great. I had one that was called "Hot Chocolate" that looked like milk chocolate and smelled wonderful. No, not at all like chocolate. A delicate fruity smell. I haven't seen it in awhile and suspect that it was crowded out. : - (

Pond and Peonies.

Red poppies.

Fourth of July climbing rose with friends. This photo does not do it justice.

Euphorbia and something that trails.


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