Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Have you ever really looked at your feet? I can say with certainty that they look better with a cat wrapped around them rather than bare. Just saying.

While not taking photographs of my feet I've been knitting away. My sewing has all been UPS-ed to Phoenix and I will be right behind it come tomorrow afternoon. I enjoy sewing and I've loved my recent flurry but gosh, I really wanted to KNIT something. So I cruised around and found the Boogie Vest from I dug out some of my Rowan tweed and went to town. I also went to Ravelry and checked out what people thought of it and found that we were almost all in agreement that the neckline wasn't quite right. So, I went to my Green Mountain Spinnery book amongst others and worked out how to do a round neckline. I was sewing up the side seams as I loaded photos for this blog entry. I am pleased with it. It's also an amazingly fast knit. I cast on late Sat. and other than doing a ribbed neck and the armholes I am done.

The last several days have been quite strange. There are hundreds (really) of fires burning in California and most of them are in the northern part of the state. We are under a heavy blanket of smoke along with a health advisement to stay indoors. Try telling that to an energetic little dog. It's pretty dismal, smelly, and just downright unpleasant. No change in sight. Years ago I was on a fire crew for two summers fighting forest fires. It was hard, dirty work and I know how hard and how tired the men and women are who are out there working to put them out. They have my heartfelt thanks.
Just ahead of the smoke, though catching a bit of it on his last day of visiting, was our friend John from Boston. Check out the rental car. Mr. Cool.

Omar sucked up to him shamelessly.

Hubby and I took them both of them to our favorite swimming hole on the American River. You get to slide/slither down a steep embankment to get there. Yes, it's a lot of fun to getting down and then back up but worth it. The water was perfect.

I did a little knitting on my vest in between swimming. There were small fish and a large frog in the water just in front of me.


The Russian sage is starting to bloom along with the red and yellow crocosmia. Not a bad looking Japanese maple either.


The Day of the Triffids oriental poppy has gone to seed.

Begonias and lamium.

There are lots of volunteer cosmos in many colors.

A green gladiola.


At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Luci said...

I love the swimming hole - where is it exactly?

Speaking of body parts, there is a song by Cake that talks about what your fingers do while you sleep. "Do they play guitar in a Latin bar? Are they strangers, or lovers, do they drive your car?" The chorus segues into a bit about Zeus being a womanizer - a pretty cool tune all the way around!

Love all the flowers!


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