Thursday, July 17, 2008


My Black Water Abbey yarn (colorway: Seafoam) arrived today along with some very cool buttons. I plan to stretch my knitting skills and make the XO Cardigan from Folk Vests. First time: button band, collar, and more elaborate cable work. I.Am.Ready.

This is me being yanked back from the yarn. I have other projects that need to be finished up. Waaaaaa! That whined, I've finished the waist shaping on the back of the Sharon vest and am ready to start increasing.

The garden is starting to produce and my days of buying tomatoes from the market are over for the next few months. Oh yes.


The Fourth of July climbing rose is giving us a second round of blooms.

At long last my Aspera hydrangea has hit critical mass. It's called "Sargentiana" or "The Hydrangea from Mars". (Really.) Eventually it should reach 10 ft. Someday. It's very popular with the bees and the butterflies.


Crocosmia. A different type from the larger orange.


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

I think it was Claude that dragged you away from the seafoam. He's finally gotten tired of waiting, whipped up a lasso from his own self, and...

Au Revoir Earin!

She disappers into the deepest realms of unfinished projects. Not that I should be one to talk....


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