Friday, July 25, 2008


...and that would be that Otis is still alive.

The bad news? As I gathered up cats last night (there are coyotes and other hungry beasties in our neck of the woods so everyone comes inside) Otis showed up...with tire treads down his body, a couple of gashes above and below his right eye, and a scuffed nose. (There are more injuries but this is what I first saw.) Seemed that he had tangled with a car. We live on acreage and our street doesn't have that many houses and is a dead end to boot. Go figure. Cars and cats don't mix.

I had a frantic look around for the last cat out, Ollie, who thankfully was unharmed. Then the hour drive to the emergency vets where Otis checked out as being One.Lucky.Cat. No major injuries or obvious internal tears. He's in pain but we have drugs for that. Right now he's in isolation and sleeping under a towel tent while healing as fast as he can.

In other exciting news hubby left me. He'll be back soon though. He's been having a wonderful time riding with friends in and around Yellowstone. It will be nice to have him home again. I am snuggle deprived despite Omar's many efforts. "Well licked" is not quite the same thing.

I finished the back of the Sharon vest and have cast on the front. Hopefully, it won't take me days to do the lace edging... Then again, counting to nine consistently is SO hard. Heck, since it was several days before I cast on the front I had trouble remembering which size needle I was using and how many stitches. I really must start keeping a journal. That or find better drugs.

I ran errands yesterday and found some good bargains at Meadow Farm at $5 a pop. Who could resist? Two RY Classic Cashcotton DK in a sky blue, two skeins of Rowan ribbon twist (one purple, one white), and a skein of Tessin/Muench in a tweedy yellow. The trouble with bargain bins is that you can almost never get enough of one thing to make something up but I'll find a use for them. I bought a few more seed packets too and some nice bottles. It's time to bottle plum wine. Ollie thinks the seeds are very interesting. Pickle making is going to be happening in a day or two. BusyBeeEarin.


Ollie is beating the heat.

Two gladiolas. The heat is taking its toll on the flowers.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Poor Otis!!!

He was born under a very lucky star.

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

That would be two, or three lives Otis has used up! Lucky lucky lucky Otis. Very glad to hear he's mending.


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