Friday, February 06, 2009

Look Ma, I'm steeking!

My heart is still beating a little first steek. Not that I've finished it. Like all good people with ADD I've moved along and on to other projects but I'm circling back...honest. It's the dog sweater I'm making for Omar. He hates having his feet stuffed into sweaters so I'm putting a long zipper along the back so he can just step in. Taking a pair of scissors to your knitting though...breathtakingly hard to do.

I continue to dab at the Purple Wonder (Sonnet) for The Enabler. Must focus. Needs.To.Be.Done.Soon. She wants to have the Cascade 220 Superwash renamed "Enabler Purple". Sounds good to me. I thought I would get tired of such an intense color but not so far. I'm beginning to think I'm being overly fussy about the pulling up along the bottom. I also damped the body and put it in a cool dryer for 10 minutes which brought things back into better shape. It had blocked out so large I was thinking I could shelter under it with a couple of my friends.
I finally got a decent photo of the buttons at long last.

I made another beret using the Rare Essentials yarn. I just love the pattern and the yarn. It too blocked out a bit big. I might try the cool dryer but this is NOT a superwash so I am playing with fire. It briefly held the classic beret shape then slide into a slouchy hat. You have to go with what you are I guess.

We had company last weekend and we took them up to what little snow there is left. California is looking at a very dry year. Since we've already gone through 3 summers with well problems this is not what the hubby and I want to hear. The snowshoeing was lots of fun. Omar is still adjusting to his new booties. It wasn't really cold enough for him to need a coat but I picked him up now and again to make sure he was doing okay and to give him a break. His underside (read: private parts) were getting a little chilled.

Kate's friend, Helen takes photos of her Mr. Monk doll, a can of soda, (oh my gosh, what is it called? it's not a coke...Dr. Pepper?), and a little hat. I made her a snow person for the hat. I didn't get a copy of the obscene version. (Went from a person to a gender. Use your imagination.)
An aqueduct from Bowman Lake carrying water down to Grass Valley and Nevada City.
Eye Candy
I finally downloaded some pictures from the late fall.
The last of the roses.

Dusk coming on.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Steeking? Just what is steeking? Sounds like a cross between steak and streaking. We don't need no steeking badges?


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