Friday, October 17, 2008


Actually, it seems like I've knit quite a bit lately but a fair amount of frogging has been going on too.

The Green Sweater. I made this up a few years ago - The Somewhat Cowl by Wendy Bernard. I loved it but when I washed the yarn it blossomed and became a shapeless mess. My knit night group is going through a wave of Clapotis-itis and I think this gorgeous Sundara yarn (DK Silky Merino discontinued and she warned me it would blossom a bit. Just goes to show you: Do a decent sized swatch and wash/block it!) will be perfect. After I get a handle on some of my UFO's I may start one up. So, I've been ribbiting away. I'm actually a bit impressed at how well I knit this thing. I like the SWC pattern a lot and will likely reknit it at some point. It's top down, easy to fit, and quite flattering.

I frogged the cable section of my knotty glove and have since reknit it. There were too many little things that bothered me. Still approaching the Feared Finger Bits while listening to Twilight.

I finished the baby hat and completely forgot to take another photo of it before I mailed it off. I've been experimenting with companion socks. This one had a short row wrapped heel that just didn't work for me. I ended up with huge holes along the side. I went back and tidied up with extra yarn but I'm still not happy with it. Must get someone to show me how the short row wrap thing is really supposed to work out.


Ollie then Opie. Opie loves all things wool. Ollie loves the hammock - which is rapidly becoming unraveled. Living outside does that to cotton types of things. At least I assume it's cotton or rope of some sort. One of these days he's going to toss his 17 lb body up into it and fall through. I hope I'm there with a camera.

Fall crocus.

Zinnias. No, no, picotee cosmos. Thank you Luci!

A birdhouse in the process of being absorbed.

Green things with a morning glory. I've posted similar pictures in the past but I still like it. Other than knitting and frogging I've been working in the garden getting ready for winter. With the price of food I'm putting more effort into growing the things that I can.


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Luci said...

That Sundara is very pretty, and will make a beautiful Clapotis. I'm still not going to make one. Will not give in.

I'd be happy to run through heel possibilities. Have a heels/toes workshop - maybe you'd like to host one? Or you and I can just be impromptu at the shop, or maybe swap some sewing instruction for knitting instruction? I got a message today that my sewing maching is ready for pickup! Yipee!

One question on the flowers. Are those really zinnias? If they are I want to know what kind. I was thinking they looked at lot like picotee cosmos...

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Earin Marybird said...

And Luci is right...what was I thinking... Cosmos! COSMOS! COSMOS! Volunteer at that. I have zinnia guilt on my mind. (Several 4" pots that should have been planted - never were and now it's really too late in the season and they're very leggy.)

A heel workshop would be fun. I usually don't have problems with adult size socks but this wrap thing threw me for a loop. Perhaps you can give me a quick tutorial on Tuesday at knit night. I would be most grateful.


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