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Such fun times lately with money evaporating before our very eyes and the people responsible cashing in and leaving the rest of us to struggle along. Personally, I lean towards throwing them in jail...except they really didn't break the law. Still, immoral is immoral whether there is a law against what was done or not. Shame on them.

Back to knitting.

I've been struggling along with my vest to the point that I couldn't stand it any more and segued away to something else. Actually, a couple of things. I've up to the finger part of my Knotty Gloves knit in Koigu Kersti in the lyrically named dye code "K827". I just love this yarn and I LOVE the pattern. I'm going to get a lot of wear out of these this winter. I admit that I'm having a bit of "doing the finger bits" anxiety having never done such a thing before. Toss in that I have a totally different gauge from the pattern and will have to figure out a lot of it myself and I may go into a complete panic attack. If the pattern says 6 and I'm, let's that makes it 2/3 of gauge so I should try subtracting 3, no, that doesn't really work. Okay, let's try 2...

I was reminded (very graciously) that I had offered to make a baby hat so I did. To make it more interesting, and needing the practice, I threw in a little color work. I thought it turned out fairly nicely. Some of the stranding is a little long and there was a teensy amount of scrunching up that was resolved with some gentle tugging. I experimented with two different pompoms and came to what I already knew. I don't really like pompoms on me or anything else. Babies included. No real pattern, just gauge, baby head measurements, and Barbara Zimmerman. Yarn was from existing stash. Some lovely baby yarn that I haven't a clue to what it is other than "wool" and some RY Cashsoft.

The only other real excitement has been that a mountain lion was seen over by one of my favorite places to walk Omar. I know they, and other wild animals are around. I'd just rather not meeting them Up Close and Personal. Besides, Omar can outrun me. So, a few days of walking in "safer" places then back we go.

Now, on to the finger bits and (deep breath) the vest.

We had an oak tree (actually a group of three trunks) die earlier this spring. It was in a tricky spot so we brought in a professional to remove it. Even as the last trunk was being pulled over (it leaned towards the garage - see the rope?) the hummingbirds were flying around trying to figure out what was happening. It's the spot they nest and rest in while flying back and forth to the feeder outside our bedroom window. It seems so strange to wake up and not see the tree. The tree people thought it was death due to beetles. Not a good thing at all. On the bright side we have LOTS of firewood for the next couple of years. We've gone from very hot to rather chilly in literally a couple of days. Very weird.


At this time of year bits and pieces of the garden are pretty but for the most part things are winding down. I've been having mental conversations with myself about getting outside and getting things cleaned up. Soon. Really. Soon.

Banana tree in the early morning sunshine.

It's always such a delight when the pineapple sage comes into bloom perking up the Fall garden.


A pink rose after its bath.

Pelargonium. Such a lovely shade of red/purple.


At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The baby cloche looks quite lovely. The color work very nice, though how you keep all those tails from tangling, I'll never figure out.

Half expected one of the cats to be peeking out from the banana leaves.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry - must be unnerving as hell to be retired and depending on your investments at a time like this. I can only hope it turns around SOON.

That aside, your eye candy photos are gorgeous as usual!


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