Friday, January 30, 2009

Just what have I been doing....?

Well, for starters, lots of knitting. I'm also making our very first curtain. Yes, the first one after nearly 8 years of living here. I love not having really close neighbors. I imagine that someone could walk up our driveway and ogle my one gorgeous body but heck, why would they? The curtain is because we're losing a lot of heat out of our sliding glass door area in the living room.
I am knitting hats as a refresher in between bouts of working on Sonnet. This is a cabled beret, a free pattern from Ravelry. I Love.IT. Seriously love this pattern. I've started up a second using two skeins of Rare Essentials yarn in Cocoon Cherry (an Australian yarn) which I won for being a member of The Red Sweater KAL. Still dreaming of the red sweater I will someday knit. It's gorgeous yarn, a combo of superfine merino, alpaca, silk, and mohair. What's not to love? The first was made from a purple di've Autunno that I had in stash. I had to buy a second skein because I needed another 15 grams. I've been trying hard to use stash since we're much poorer these days like most of the world. Some adjustments were made for the chunkier yarn including casting on fewer stitches and doing 5 not 7 cables. I am going to frog what I've done of the red so far because I managed to get off one row on my cable and I also think I'd like it just a tab bigger. I was going to give it as a gift but I doubt anyone could pry it out of my hands at this point.

Sonnet for Suzy

Much progress is being made on Sonnet for The Enabler. That said, the Cascade 220 superwash has blocked up HUGE. And I had worried that it was 3 inches too small. It's machine washable and cool dryer so perhaps (oh please) it will rearrange itself to an appropriate size. I'm almost done with one sleeve. It's taking forever because The Enabler has LONG arms. Like, really long. On a brighter note: I found some lovely buttons. Actually, my friend Luci found them at Fabrics on Mill St.
I always have a lot of help with my knitting.

Oh yes, the baby blanket is DONE. It's been done for some time. Mailed off, admired, used and even received a thank you email. I thought I was going to die knitting mitered squares.
Mitered square are nice,
yet they don't knit up in a trice.
You need so many,
yet you knit 'til you frenzy
and still you are not
(I know, don't quit my day job.)

Speaking of knitting something that took FoEVer. The Linda Vest, owner of the coffee shop where my knitting group meets, (Auburn Knit Night - drop in if you're in the area - it's a wonderful group). First I knit one using some leftover Sheep Shop Yarn. It was very nice but seemed far too large. It went to a very good home. Then I fell in love with this cutie that I came across while reading MOONSTITCHES. Now remember, this is a *surprise* so no measurements were taken. BIG Mistake. It was far too small. Rip, snort, various sounds of disgust.

Finally, a vest from no particular pattern but I did finally measure her. I wanted to practice my colorwork and was very pleased with how things turned out. I reknit the back panel of color four times before I was happy. All from stash in mostly Paton's wool/acrylic blend. I thought I was short on yarn at the very end and purchased some more grey Paton's that I used for the ribbing around the arms. Of course, I found another small stash after I had finished. I have used the rest of the SSY to make a dog sweater. I have the zipper, I have yet to find the courage to cut my knitting. Everyone says it's So Easy. Uh, huh.
In other news...

Some much needed gardening is happening. Trees being pruned, dead foliage being removed. I need to do a lot more.
And this vest. I've done a lot of alterations yet still haven't managed to produce an actual wearable garment.


At 5:06 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Love the beret(s)! You are going to love those as long as the weather permits (don't know about your end of the state but San Diego got HOT this week).

The colorwork on that vest is just lovely. So delicate and subtle, it looks like embroidery.

At 9:22 AM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

I think whomever the yarn company is that makes the purple needs to change the color's name - to Enabler Purple.

It is To Die For!!!

Yes, the arms are long. What can I say? So are the legs. The berets look just lovely. Very You.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger JustMe said...

Hi Earin, it's me..the crazy lady with the DR PEPPER ( I will ignore that you called it coke!). I am trying to link you to my blog so you can see the photos from the trip:

take a look! Let me know if you can't see the blog! I am at Thanks again for hosting us and being such great guides!


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