Friday, February 13, 2009

Mojo-less in California

The Gods of Creativity or even the minor god, Ms. I've Got a Clue But Am Not Sure How to Proceed, have not been with me lately. One project after another has required endless fussing with still no happy end product.
I've been trying to make a simple pair of pants. It's my generic use all the time pattern. The kicker is that it's rather expensive wool fabric I'm using and it really needs to morph into a wearable pair of pants. Well, I've had just one problem after another. Once I finally wrestled the fit into something approximating my shape and size I then took on the zipper assembly. You would think that I would have that down pat. Nope. It's like learning Latin for the first time (not that I speak Latin). I finally got it in so that it was darn near perfect but the inside seams just won't lie flat. Rip!
I then put the zipper in Omar's dog sweater. That stretched out so Rip! again.
I committed Crimes Against Yarn and crocheted a small rose using a Nikki Epstein pattern. The crime? I used some Sundara silky merino and felted it. Not much - honest! I'm thinking of doing a headband for a friend and she mentioned crocheted flowers. I hadn't followed a pattern for crochet for a long time. It was rather fun.

Speaking of: the latest Season's yarn arrived from Sundara. A very pretty blue called "Bluebells". I'm going to go out on a limb here and say something that has been rolling around in the back of my brain for a while. I have not been liking her colors as much. They're still very pretty, sometimes VERY pretty but that special, take your breath away I don't care that I've overspent my yarn budget I MUST HAVE IT - no, I've not seen that in some time. I have several skeins of lace weight that I bought strictly because the colors were so special. I have never done lace. One day I hope to but so far, no.

The first crocus has opened.

I asked my friend Luci to make me a needle bag. She had been working out a very nice pattern and I thought, "Yes, I could make my own and the chances of me getting around to it are zilch".

It's so pretty. I guess I'm going to have to actually sort out my needles and put them in.

All my lip balms rolled up empty so I made myself some non petroleum based ones using various oils and bees wax. They are very nice and scented with Garden Rose essential oil. I must remember to half the recipe next time. Let me know if you'd like a couple. I'd be happy to mail you some!

A little bit of the sideways sweater is happening. Not a lot. But some. Honest Suzy - it's your fault for having such long arms.

We have been having Weather! I can see snow across the valley but alas, none on us at the moment though it's very cold. Snow in the mountains, rain in the streams.

I loved the swiftly changing light the other night complete with rainbow.


At 6:45 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Something funny happened with my Bloglines and I got two of your postings at once again! so lots to comment...

Steeking sounds so exciting. Contrats on your first steek! Is it holding? Of course now you have to find a zipper that works. I am determined to try steeking this year.

Those buttons are gorgeous.

The snow pictures are great!

I used to make my own lip balm, have been lazy for some time. If you have a couple spare, I'll give one to Elinor and use the other — they sound lovely. It's certainly the weather for it. I've been going through a lot of 'em.

The crocus are gorgeous.. they don't grow down here so I have to enjoy yours vicariously.

I sort of know what you mean about Sundara's yarns. I haven't found any that I just can't resist lately, but honestly I think that's partly because I have to decide in 5 minutes flat and that's just too crazy for me. I can't afford the subscriptions at the moment so I'll just have to let other people get her yarn for a while.

Good luck with the dratted pants. With all that effort, they had better fit when they're done!

At 8:08 PM, Blogger The Swamp Fox said...

Hmm...some of that material in the needle bag looks awfully familiar.


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