Friday, March 27, 2009

4" = 20 Hours

It's rather depressing to think that a simple piece of lace knitting, The Ribbon Scarf from could be causing me such grief. After all, approx. 37,000 people on Ravelry all swear that it was so easy that they multi-tasked while doing things like designing rockets that went to the moon and cooking dinner.

Me? The only explanation I have is that rogue Vipers, distraught that Battlestar Galactic is finally over, (wait, there's a movie! see it from the Cylon's point of view!), just happened to be over my house when they let go with their death rays hitting me in the brain as I was knitting this scarf. This caused a crucial part of my brain to die causing me to be unable to knit lace. That or I've had a massive stroke recently and haven't noticed until now. Come to think of it that explains a lot....

(It's amazing what you can do with 10 minutes, colored pencils, and a degree in art - it's rather embarrassing.)

In the meantime, I'm regrowing my brain as fast as I can and working on other projects...that aren't working out. First off: let's not even get into my recent sewing adventures. I think I have a handle on the problem(s) so move on. Nothing to see here.

I'm close to wrapping up Dakota but have hit the wall with short rows around the neck. I think I now understand. Oh yeah, right. The only thing that has really been working knit wise for me is yet another mitered hanging dishtowel from Mason-Dixon. I am seriously in love with this pattern. I sent this up to my cousin who lives in Parry Sound, Ontario. No one is safe from hand knits. No One.

Eye Candy Friday

Spring is finally here and the garden is showing it. Today I spend a great deal of time standing in our pond ripping out roots, dead leaves, and things I don't want to think about. Ponds move towards silting up and ours was getting closer than I liked. That I do this in my underwear only adds to the fun. Yes, the fish come over and nibble on me. It tickles. Thankfully, this is a job that only happens every few years.

We don't really live in an area that camellias are fond of but several came with the house so I try and make them comfortable. They have survived and every spring reward me with beautiful flowers.

The previous owner was also very fond of grape hyacinths. I kind of like them too.

I took the cover off the cold frame. Lettuce anyone? The beets are getting bigger. I love beets.

Our meadow, green for a couple of months then back to summer brown. I know, people who live back east or up in Canada think we have it backwards.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

That cartoon is awesome. I showed it to Rob and he laughed too. Can't be too careful with those Cylons!

The dishtowel is pretty -- love the colors in this. Very refreshing (it's a hot day down here).

Gorgeous eye candy. I'm afraid you'll be horrified when you see my yard -- been unable to do gardening and yard chores in several years, and it shows! But we have some great stray freesia and geraniums going nuts at the moment.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger The Swamp Fox said...

What, no pictures?

At 9:53 AM, Blogger The Swamp Fox said...

I meant of the pond cleaning, of course.


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