Thursday, April 30, 2009



A huge amount of knitting has been going on but this post is mostly about my garden.

First off: the last of the Sundara Seasons club came. A gorgeous aran silky merino in a colorway called Sweet Orange Blossom. I liked it so much I bought up Gail's three skeins. It's a great color for me, not such a good one for her.

I went down to San Diego the weekend before to meet my cyberbuddy, Valerie. I cannot quite describe how much fun I had and how marvelous Valerie is. We knit up a storm, went to the zoo, ate amazing take out and just generally had a fantastic time. Valerie, thank you so much. I do hope you come up and play in the snow this coming winter. You and Rob were so welcoming. And a house piled with yarn, knitting books, a basket full of anything you might need for you knitting: measuring tape, stitch markers, gauge measuring devise. It was perfectly normal to be knitting at any time of the day or night. Heaven!

And...if that wasn't enough Valerie was culling from her stash so I scored 14 (yes, 14!) skeins of Eden Madil bamboo plus 14 skeins of some Elsebeth Lavold Chunky AL. Enough for sweaters!

All my projects are currently on hold for a week or two while I whip out little baby vests and bibs for my friend Liya. She's pregnant and due at the end of June so I need to hop to it.

The Garden

Spring is being very pleasant here at Chez Earin's. Things are very green and Hubby has been mowing with a passion.

Ceanothus. It positively glows in the morning light.

Rhododendron. Very purple.

A native iris peeping up through the ground cover with a golden heuchera struggling to be seen.

Dream Weaver climbing rose.

Cerinthe. They volunteer all over the yarn. (Sharon is right - YARD not YARN!)

First roses. First aphids. First green worms eating EVeryTHING. Where are the beetles that chew the roses up? They're late!

Maple tree. I want another one.
Next Post. Some actual knitted items. Stay tuned!


At 6:38 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Cerinthe. They volunteer all over the yarn.

You mean yard, right? This is a most interesting flower.


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