Friday, April 10, 2009

BRAIN BETTER Since I've last blogged I've been working hard to regrown the lace knitting part of my brain. Overall, I seem to have made headway. I still can't knit the ribbon scarf while watching Hugh Jackman with his shirt off. Just.Can't.

I realized I would not have enough Koigu Kirsti and lucked out when I called Knitterly in Petaluma. I had purchased the yarn from them six months ago. They kindly dug through their back room and found more for me. Same colorway, same dye lot. It's a lovely store, really out of the ordinary with amazing service. Now to finish the scarf up and the gloves too.

Another thing that has taxed my limited resources intellectually is this Dakota top from Louet. The body: amazingly easy. Short rows around the shoulders? Well....

Decreases/putting live stitches on holders around the neck for picking up later?
Um, close to impossible.

After several attempts I cracked the code for the back but the front just never worked out. The pattern made no sense to me so I pretty much did a version of the back. It seems to have worked out. There are a few gaps with the pickups but after blocking I'll do a look/see and perhaps do a little darning and filling in. The Elsebeth Lavold silky wool is lovely, very light but felts if you sneeze too close to it. I will have to wash it with care. It made for felting on new yarn a breeze though. Now to do the sleeves. I think I will experiment with picking up stitches directly instead of just knitting and seaming them on.


Ollie and Opie have been awfully cute lately. Normally, they don't do a lot of hanging out together.

Hubby went down to Death Valley to meet up with friends and ride. We had some danger and excitement yesterday when his Harley broke down past Cool over near Coloma. There was pouring rain, bad cell coverage, a dying cell battery, and more! I had a quickie course over a garbled cell on how to attach the trailer used to haul the bike. I had never towed anything in my life. I was being so careful but in the rain just outside of Auburn highway 49 turns into a steep downhill with tight turns. I braked for the first one and spun out. With amazement I managed to do it in a small gap of whizzing rush hour traffic. I, and the trailer cleared the road and a heartbeat later traffic roared by in both directions. I was able get the trailer reattached (it had popped off and rolled), dash back into the blind curve with another amazing gap and find hubby who was very glad to see me.

Way more excitement than I need in my life - ever.


We've been having a lovely late rain which helps the garden so much.
Beets. We love them.

Paper whites.
Have a happy and safe Easter. I'm going to be ever so careful and knit up a storm.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

Cheez! What a scary trailer story. Glad that all ended up okay. I'm freaked out just thinking about it!

I don't think one could knit garter stitch while watching Hugh Jackman with his shirt off — and really, why should we?

Mmm, beets! They look lovely. What variety?

Those cats are way too cute together. Funny things.

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Can one knit at all? Or do any type of handwork for that matter, while Hugh Jackman is shirtless?

I know what Opie is saying to Ollie, "Let's knock all the knitting on the floor, and blame it on our feline challenged little brother, aka, the dog!"


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