Friday, June 12, 2009

...for so much knitting.

Half of a hooded baby blanket....

The back of the Pink Mimosa Take Two. Yup. I knit the entire thing, both sides and the back before I really paused and said, you know I'm really not that HUGE. It didn't really occur to me to measure, check the pattern, think.
The second round is proceeding a little more slowly. This is partly because I managed to smash my left hand while trying to insert myself at a fast clip into a partially opened sliding glass door. With care I can knit but it aches. I've also been sewing a bit. More capri for the coming hot weather mostly. I'm hoping to get a vest done before I take off for my time in Phoenix. Three days of intense sewing with The Enabler! A few days just kicking around probably knitting. I have to shorten the sleeves of The Purple Wonder while I am over there.
My Fujufilm camera is finally back from being repaired. I decided to break out the manual and try and learn how it actually works. I'm always up for something different.
My first try using the self timer.

A pink hydrangea. Close-up/forced flash.

Our pond. One of the three waterlily plants has aspirations of becoming...what? A shrub? A redwood tree? It has started mounding up in the middle.

Yarrow. A lot of my garden "design" falls into the Early Jungle category. More is Better.


Fourth of July climbing roses. Totally worth all those scratches from when we tied it up.

New growth on a fern. Japanese? My mind, Dave, it's going...

A small dog for scale (homage to Elinor).

Bounty from the veggie side of the garden. The last of the snow peas, some carrots, spinach, and a yellow zuke. I've been hunting a gopher who has been wreaking havoc in one of the raised beds for the last few months. He is now No Longer With Us. I may be slow but I am relentless.

Many of my orchids are blooming. This is from a neighbor's cutting from a few years ago.
Another orchid.

Opie and Ollie say, "Enough with the camera already!"


At 4:41 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Oops, OW about your hand -- I've done that sort of thing before. Usually clears up pretty fast so I hope for the same for you!

Camera is lookin' good (or at least the photos are). Love the hydrangea and your crazed water lily. I swear plants have a mind of their own!

At 5:26 PM, Blogger Gail said...

Love your photography! The vegetables in the kitchen are great!

At 3:21 PM, Anonymous The Enabler said...

Meee-Owwww! Otis, is off not hunting gophers, and unavailable for the photo op. Perhaps if you fed the Brothers O a little less, they may develop a taste for gopher?


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